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TAPA Trained Auditors

Below you find a list of all our trained auditors.

Name Audit Body FSR 2014 TSR 2014 FSR 2017 TSR 2017 TACSS
J.J. Mastebroek Bureau Veritas Certification Yes
Jorge Irazola Uribe Bureau Veritas Certification Yes Yes
Norbert Becser Bureau Veritas Certification Yes Yes
Philipp Zurcher Bureau Veritas Certification Yes
Scott Swanson Bureau Veritas Certification Yes Yes
Sharon Boogaard DNVGL Yes
Mr Keijo Koskinen DNVGL Yes
Rene de Vries DNVGL Yes
Benedetta de Marsanich DNVGL Yes Yes Yes
Amit Bhatia DNVGL
Balamurugan Sambasivam DNVGL
Darius Pamakstys DNVGL Yes Yes
Gabor Hidvegi DNVGL Yes Yes
Marius Maleckas DNVGL
Rivichandran Manickam DNVGL
Sudharshan Balasubramanyam DNVGL
Vijay Rao DNVGL
Andreas De Jong DNVGL Yes
Gabriele Gotz DNVGL
Gonzalo Ribeiro DNVGL
Leandro Ortiz DNVGL
Meliha Krecinic DNVGL
Slawomir Rembowski DNVGL
David Whamond DNVGL
Wilhelm Loskot DNVGL
Thomas Thielke DNVGL Yes Yes
Roland Brueck DNVGL
Heike Bosselmann DNVGL Yes Yes Yes
Marcus Hellmann DNVGL Yes Yes
Zoltan Kovacs DNVGL
Fred Helge Wohlers DNVGL
Gunther Willems DNVGL Yes Yes
Ingrid van Giesen-Bervoets DNVGL Yes Yes
Samuel Gijsbrechts DNVGL Yes
Ivo Bikov DNV GL Yes Yes
Kosmos Xanthopolous Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
M.Amr Hamad Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
Tomas Caletka Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
Gerry Kanters Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
Willem Boterman Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
Hannu Hyvonen Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
Leszek Sitkowski Lloyds Register LRQA Yes
Jacob Van der Heide Lloyds Register LRQA Yes Yes
Ann-Sofie Lindstrom SGS Yes Yes
Annette van Dijk SGS Yes Yes Yes
Chandy Mistry SGS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ari Heinimaki SGS Yes Yes Yes
Gyorgy Hoffman SGS Yes Yes
Nikolay Apostolov SGS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alan Jackson SGS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basil Paillay SGS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tom Schneidenberg SGS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aamir Ahmed Shakir SGS Gulf Yes Yes
Ivaylo Stoev SGS Bulgaria Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grozdan Kratsev SGS Bulgaria Yes Yes Yes Yes
Noel McKeon SGS Yes Yes
Moaaz Mohamed Abbas Eldeweak SGS Yes Yes Yes
Inaki San Martin SGS Yes Yes
Emilia Kostadinova SGS Yes Yes
Todor Kumenov SGS Yes
Mueen Rassulmia SGS Yes Yes
Marco Rossitto SGS Yes
Marcin Kufel SGS Yes
María Ordóňez Zúňiga SGS Yes
Antoine Abdel Ahad SGS Yes
Miroslaw Markusik TUV Yes Yes Yes Yes
Desiree Meyer TUV South Africa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ralf Liesendahl TUV Rheinland Yes Yes Yes Yes
David Reid TUV Rheinland Yes Yes Yes Yes
Andreas Völkerding DQS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heike Bosselmann DQS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wolfgang Engel DQS Yes Yes Yes
Peggy Wenzel DQS Yes Yes
Ulrich Fey DQS Yes Yes
Elad Gadot DQS Yes Yes
Anja Straubinger DQS Yes Yes
Juergen Freund DQS Yes Yes
Wolfgang Weidenhofer DQS Yes
Karin Lohr DQS Yes

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