As the world’s leading supply chain security and resilience Association, TAPA EMEA is committed to helping minimise losses from its members’ supply chains by providing intelligence, industry standards, training, networking and representation solutions which enhance their in-house security programmes.

  • Our Mission describes why the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), a not-for-profit organization, exists; and declares our purpose.
  • Our Vision outlines our hope for the future.


TAPA aims to ensure the integrity and resilience of global supply chains, enabling sustainable supply chain risk management and loss prevention through the adoption of proven industry security standards, the gathering and sharing of threat and loss intelligence, training, networking and collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure the secure movement and supply of goods for businesses and consumers.


TAPA is committed to enabling resilient and secure global supply chains where all goods are delivered as promised, enabling cost efficiencies and growth opportunities for businesses, and providing companies and consumers with the most reliable and consistent choices of the goods they require.

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