It is hard to believe that another year has raced by and it’s time to reflect on some of our main achievements in 2017 and to look ahead to some of our priorities for 2018.

As we have seen for many years now, TAPA EMEA is continuing to move forwards at an ever-faster pace as the Association constantly looks to provide more support and benefits for its members’ supply chain resilience programmes. These are some of the areas I wish to highlight:

2017 has seen:

·       A record level of incident intelligence added to our IIS database

·       New highs in terms of FSR and TSR Security Standards certifications

·       The successful implementation of our revised 2017 FSR & TSR Security Standards

·       The development of a new Standard; TAPA’s Parking Security Requirements (PSR)

·       The delivery of new infrastructure tools to support PSR, including our Secure Parking Online Tool that will become a searchable database of TAPA-certified secure parking sites in Europe

·       The delivery of more FSR and TSR training courses across EMEA

·       Continued growth in our membership

·       Our biggest and best conferences to date, including our 20th Anniversary global conference in London

·       Our partnership with IRU to develop a new e-learning training course for drivers

·       Our work with the Cross-border Research Association (CBRA) to deliver a new Security Toolkit for drivers to fulfil a contract from the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission (DG MOVE) 

·       The building of closer ties with law enforcement agencies in countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden

·       Our continued participation in discussion groups organised by regulatory bodies and other supply chain security stakeholders

All of these developments reinforce TAPA’s reputation as the world’s leading Supply Chain Security Expert network. This is a reputation built on a simple fact; we never stop trying to improve the services and solutions we provide.

That is why, in 2018, we will once again have a formidable ‘to-do’ list that we want to deliver for our members. This will include continuing to grow our FSR and TSR certifications, signing up Parking Place Operators to support our new PSR, looking for new sources of incident intelligence – particularly in countries where we know cargo crime remains significantly under-reported, and providing two more outstanding conferences in Warsaw, Poland, in April and Palma, Spain, in October.

Based on recorded cargo crimes alone, threats to supply chains in EMEA are at the highest level many of us can remember. That is why TAPA’s role is becoming even more important than ever. In January, you will be invited to vote for the TAPA EMEA Board of Directors to lead our great Association for the next three years, and as you will see in this issue we have a great list of nominees you can support who are all deeply committed to TAPA’s continued growth and development. 

As 2017 draws to a close, I must say a very big thank you, and pay tribute to, our Board of Directors, the members of our working groups, and our Executive Director, Standards Secretariat and TAPA Admin Team for delivering the progress we achieved this year. I also want to thank our many partners, sponsors and exhibitors for their support in 2017. Most of all, on behalf of our EMEA Board, thank you to all of our members for ensuring the ‘TAPA family’ is ending another year even stronger than before.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe and relaxing holiday with your families and friends.