Axis Communications launches new software for easy on-site device management and proactive cybersecurity control.

AXIS Device Manager performs fast, easy configuration of new devices, complete with backup and restore settings, as well as efficient installation of firmware upgrades. It facilitates efficient device configuration including device hardening and certificate deployment. It is suitable for managing up to a couple of thousand Axis network cameras, access control and audio devices on one site — or several thousand devices across multiple sites.

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Video Surveillance Report: Market for sensors in security and surveillance applications to nearly double by 2023

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) driving new opportunities for sensors in security and surveillance applications, the market for these sensors is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan.

The market research firm says the total sensors market in security and surveillance applications, which includes such sensors as image, LiDAR, RFID, motion, gesture, biometric, sound, flame detection, smoke detection, biosensor, gas, and explosion detection, was worth just north of $6.2 million in 2016, with image sensors holding the largest market share at 23%. However, by 2023, the market is expected to be nearly double that at just over US$12 million.

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Motorola to acquire Avigilon in billion-dollar deal

Motorola Solutions has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire video surveillance provider Avigilon in an all-cash transaction that will enhance Motorola Solutions’ portfolio of mission-critical communications technologies. The enterprise value of the transaction is approximately US$1.0 billion including Avigilon’s net debt.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Avigilon designs, develops and manufactures advanced security surveillance solutions, including video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. Avigilon products are used by a range of commercial and government customers including critical infrastructure, airports, government facilities, public venues, healthcare centres and retail. The company holds more than 750 U.S. and international patents.

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White Paper: Cybersecurity and IP Video Surveillance 2017

Modern IP technology can enable effective and manageable video surveillance to protect people, their information, their properties, and help ensure continuous operation. It can also create the potential for enhanced safety and security benefits for our society to prevent costly security incidents. However, the cyber security of IP technology has been challenged by the pace of technology transition and development, creating potential safety and economic risks. A White Paper has now been created to help you understand better how to mitigate against cybercrime.

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Has the gap closed between security fiction and security reality?

Among its many uses and benefits, technology is a handy tool in the fantasy world of movie and television thrillers. We all know the scene: a vital plot point depends on having just the right super-duper gadget to locate a suspect or to get past a locked door. In movies and TV, face recognition is more a ‘super power’ than a technical function. Video footage can be magically enhanced to provide a perfect image of a license plate number. We have all shaken our heads in disbelief, and yet, our industry’s technical capabilities are improving every day. Are we approaching a day when the “enhanced” view of technology in movies and TV is closer to the truth? We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: How much has the gap closed between the reality of security system capabilities and what you see on TV (or at the movies)?

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White Paper: Eight considerations for perimeter security

Protecting critical facilities and their resources against intrusion and misuse of materials is a critical role consultants and security integrators deal with every day. Remembering a few key things can go a long way in ensuring the implementation of your camera security meets your objectives. This White Paper presents eight things to consider as you begin to roll out your new camera-based security measures or review your existing ones. Topics covered include understanding cameras, terrain, future-proofing, blind zones, night surveillance, layouts and more.

Read more…   http://www.psimagazine.co.uk/eight-considerations-for-perimeter-security/  

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