Cargo crimes reported to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) in EMEA in June rose sharply, up 60.9% month-on-month and 9.5% higher than the same month last year. Total losses for the 70.9% of thefts from supply chains which reported a value over the 30 days were €7,869,198.

TAPA’s IIS received intelligence on 206 freight thefts or attempted thefts last month in 12 countries across the region.

The average loss for the 13 major crimes involving products worth €100,000 or more was €310,869, while the average for all thefts in June with a value stood at €53,898.

TAPA has been asked not to publish information on four of these major losses. The other nine were:


Banbury in the UK East Midlands was the location of the biggest single loss in this reporting period. On 2 June, thieves cut through a security fence into a secured yard before cutting the locks of a trailer loaded with fashion Clothing & Footwear. They then removed bollards in front of the gates to the Services 3rd Party Facility in order to drive in their own tractor unit to steal the trailer.        


On 11 June, the driver of an Audi car bearing Bulgarian license plates attempted to force the driver of a truck carrying consumer electronics to stop while en route in Milan, Italy. However, the driver avoided the car and managed to continue on to the delivery destination.  


A trailer loaded with food processing equipment was stolen from a secured parking site in Hull, East Yorkshire, in the UK on 14 June after offenders broke into a transport yard.


The first of many crimes in June at UK Motorway Service Areas (MSA) saw thieves escape with a large shipment of USB sticks after cutting open the curtain tarpaulin of a truck parked at Hartshead Moor MSA on the M62 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. This incident was recorded on 3 June.


Security equipment was taken from an attended truck parked in a layby on the A511 near Coalville, north-west Leicestershire, UK, on 27 June. The offenders were able to cut the locks and seals of the container to access the cargo.


Another crime in the East Midlands region of the UK ended with thieves taking medicines from a truck parked in an unsecured location in South Normanton, Derbyshire, on 14 June. As in the previous incident report, the locks and seals were cut, enabling the rear doors of the semi-trailer to be opened.   


On 18 June, Toys/Games were stolen after the curtain side of a truck was sliced open at Trowell MSA at junction 25 of the UK’s M1 motorway.


The third major loss at a UK MSA in June was the theft of sound bars and televisions from a vehicle parked at Newport Pagnell MSA, located at junctions 14-15 of the M1 in Buckinghamshire. The crime took place on 14 June.

€100, 547

IT products were the target in this incident on 18 June, which involved another curtain-cutting crime. In this case, the truck carrying the goods had stopped at Derby South Services off the A50 in the East Midlands of the UK.


In addition to these major crimes, a further 19 incidents were reported to TAPA’s IIS database with losses of between €50,000 and €100,000. These produced a combined loss of €1,295,835 or an average loss of €68,201. By value, the 10 biggest losses in this category last month were:

· €92,932 – Two semi-trailers loaded with car seats were stolen from a secured parking location in         Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK on 29 June

· €89,608 – On 4 June, a shipment of wine was taken from a parked and attended truck which had stopped    in a layby in Rutland in the UK 

· €86,461 – Televisions were stolen from a vehicle parked in an unsecured location in Kilsby,     Northamptonshire, UK, on 14 June, after thieves cut open the truck’s tarpaulin curtain

· €82,157 – Another Theft from Vehicle in an unsecured parking place, this incident in Falkenberg in   Sweden’s Halland County involved the loss of eight pallets of razors on 8 June

· €80,571 – On 24 June, thieves used a tractor unit to force open the gates of a Services 3rd Party Facility   in Nottingham, UK, and to steal a trailer loaded with energy drinks 

· €77,360 – Tyres were stolen from a truck parked on an industrial estate in Castle Donington,     Leicestershire in the UK, on 12 June. The criminals accessed the load by cutting a hole in the vehicle’s   curtain side 

· €76,071 – A cargo of alloy wheels was stolen from a parked and attended vehicle on 28 June after the   driver stopped in a layby on the A14 in Thrapston, Northamptonshire

· €71,226 – Leicester Forest East MSA, UK, was the scene of this crime on 22 June when offenders stole a   shipment of medical products

· €69,171 – On 7 June, another Pharmaceutical cargo, in this case medicines, was taken after thieves cut   the locks and security seal of a vehicle parked at Trowell MSA, UK 

· €67,784 – Northampton MSA in the UK also suffered a high value loss when thieves cut the curtain side of a truck to steal from its cargo of car parts on 18 June

As is already clear from the incidents listed, criminal activity was rife at UK motorway services in June. Overall, 73 or 507% of all cargo thefts recorded in the UK during the month stated MSA locations as the scene of the crimes. IIS also received reports of cargo losses from trucks involving:

·        Tobacco from a truck at Corley Services on the M6 motorway

·        Vacuum cleaners from Beaconsfield Services, M40

·        Tea products and alcohol from Tibshelf MSA, M1

·        Beer from Oxford Services, M40

·        Training shoes and vitamins from Newport Pagnell Services, M1

·        IT products from Blyth Services, A1 (M)

·        Tyres, beer, confectionary and household products from Hartshead Moor Services, M62

·        Household goods and alcohol from Leicester Forest East

·        IT products from Northampton Services, M1

·        Food and drink as well as bicycles from Trowell Services, M1

·        Cigarettes from Knutsford Services, M6

·        Tobacco products from Uttoxeter Services, A50

Unspecified cargoes were also stolen from trucks parked at Cherwell Valley and Grantham Services on the M40 and A1 respectively. At Donington Park MSA located at junction 23A of the M1, 14 vehicles were targeted on one night, notably 5 June.  

The UK accounted for 144 of 69.9% of crimes added to the IIS database in June. TAPA EMEA also received intelligence on 40 freight theft incidents in the Netherlands during the month, representing 19.4% of the total. Thieves operating in the Netherlands in June stole laptop batteries, tools, shoes, razors, car parts, toys, clothing, speakers, umbrellas, cosmetics, garden tools, electronics, software, tyres and kitchen equipment.

Seven Dutch provinces recorded freight losses, led by 15 crimes – 37.5% of the Netherlands’ incidents – in North Brabant, and a further 12 or 30% of crimes in Limburg. There were also five thefts in Gelderland, four in South Holland, two in Utrecht and single cases reported in Drenthe and Zeeland.  

The country with the third highest incident rate last month was Romania. TAPA is unable to publish any intelligences on four of these crimes. The other three all involved losses of cigarettes, including one case of Theft from Moving Vehicle involving a truck en route to the Bulgarian border. This was one of two crimes involving losses from moving trucks and the other also involved the theft of tobacco. It was recorded in Doveridge in Derbyshire, UK, on 8 June and stated a loss value of €13,575.  

Other incidents to highlight from intelligence gathered in June include:

·        10 pallets of cosmetics stolen from a truck parked at a gas station in an unknown location in     Germany on 28 June

·        Five pallets of cosmetics taken from a truck in Traryd, Kronoberg County, in Sweden on 26 June

·        Multiple losses of cigarettes during Last Mile deliveries in several countries

·        Four pallets of cheese stolen from a truck in Malmo, Sweden

·        252 bottles of champagne and 10 boxes of wine taken from a truck in Kungsängen, Stockholm       County, Sweden, on 17 June


Six of the 15 TAPA IIS product categories recording crimes in June suffered 10 losses or more:

·        Food & Drink – 26 incidents, 12.6% of the monthly total

·        Tobacco – 17 incidents, 8.3%

·        Car Parts – 13, 6.3%

·        Computers/Laptops – 12, 5.8%

·        No Load (Theft of truck and/or trailer) – 11, 5.4%

·        Clothing & Footwear, 10 or 4.9%

The top five types of incident in June accounted for 96% of the monthly total and all featured crimes involving trucks. As it now always the case, Theft from Vehicle crime accounted for the large majority of cases with 173 or 83.8%.

Similarly, Unsecured Parking remains by far the most recorded location for cargo losses in the EMEA region, representing 140 or 67.9% of all theft incidents notified to TAPA’s IIS in June. Intrusion was the most recorded criminal M.O. with 166 cases – 80.6% of last month’s total – which reflects the high number of crimes involving the cutting of truck tarpaulins and the breaking open of vehicles’ security locks and seals.