Tony Kavanagh, TAPA EMEA’s Secure Parking Working Group Lead, brings us up-to-date with the latest progress in the Association’s objective to identify and build a growing network of secure parking places for high value, theft targeted goods travelling in supply chains across Europe…

After months of detailed behind-the-scenes work by TAPA’s Secure Parking Working Group and Standards Team, our new Parking Security Requirements being rolled out in Europe achieved a significant milestone in July with the first 19 secure parking sites signing up to join the programme.

Parking Place Operators’ Euro Rastpark and Truckparkings Rotterdam are the first to step up and make a commitment to our PSR for 12 and 7 of their parking sites in Germany and the Netherlands respectively. Both have signed our TAPA PSR Partnership Declaration which confirms they will meet or exceed, and maintain, the criteria required in the document.

Conditions for PPO participation include:

· Co-operating with TAPA for any parking place inspections that may be required by TAPA officials or its       appointed agents;

· Having a formally appointed person responsible for security of the site;

· Operating a vetting/screening process for its employees and sub-contractors;

· Emergency procedures must include instructions for PPO employees/sub-contractors to deal with security incidents that include but are not restricted to: Theft/robbery attempts, suspicious behavior, escalating incident to management and local law enforcement

· Where installed, all security systems must be in good working order e.g. CCTV, lighting, access control, intrusion detection

· Procedures and/or signage in place to ensure only freight vehicles and authorised vehicles are allowed to enter the secure parking area

· The perimeter/boundary of the parking place must be clearly defined e.g. a fence, a ditch, posts, signage

The Partnership Declaration is the minimum entry level for PPOs to participate in the PSR and we are very encouraged by the fact that the first ones to sign up are already indicating their intention to achieve higher Level 1 or 2 certifications. We are also aware of other sites currently preparing their Level 3 self-certifications.

Participating in the PSR programme

There are four levels of participation:

· PSR Level 1 = highest security protection with a formal certification (launching October 2018)

· PSR Level 2 = mid-level security protection with a formal certification (launching October 2018)

· PSR Level 3 = lowest security protection with a formal certification via self-certification (available now) or    TAPA Independent Audit Body certification

· PSR Partnership Declaration = minimum entry level not requiring a formal certification (available now)

The TAPA PSR Mutual Recognition Agreement also recognises Secure Parking schemes designed and operated by other organisations which have the same or similar controls and objectives as TAPA. If an MRA is approved, TAPA will issue TAPA PSR Level 3 certificates.  

Progress with Levels 1 & 2

Our aim is to launch PSR Levels 1 & 2 in October 2018 and we are on track to meet this deadline.   

In early June, we sent the draft Standards for PSR Levels 1 & 2 to TAPA EMEA members for review. This produced a significant response from Manufacturer, Logistics Service Provider, Parking Place Operator, Insurance and Communications Technology companies and a sizeable number of proposed improvements and changes to the Standard. This consultation period has now ended and our Standards Team, led by Steve McHugh, Standards Secretariat, have now processed these comments and made recommendations to our EMEA BoD of changes to be adopted in the final version of PSR.

There will be a separate article on the comments we received in the August issue of Vigilant. Thank you to everyone that took the time to share their thoughts and expertise to ensure, once again, we deliver the best possible industry Security Standard.       

Our new PSR Marketing Coordinator

With some 500 parking sites already identified as potential participants in PSR and more parking places being added to our database all the time, I am delighted to welcome George Wiessing to our  secure parking team as PSR Marketing Coordinator. George is well-known to us having served with distinction on the TAPA EMEA BoD for many years and, therefore, has a full understanding of our Security Standards and what we as an Association want to achieve.

With so much work under way, and with our Secure Parking Ambassadors active in markets across Europe, George will play a key role in managing generated leads, coordination of the growing TAPA team supporting PSR, and ensuring interested PPOs receive the necessary information they need about joining in the programme. He will also act as a conduit to ensure any technical queries or other clarification requests are forwarded to the PSR team for response, with replies tracked back to the person requesting help.   

PSR training  

We are making very positive progress in the creation of a dedicated training programme to support our PSR Standard, similar to the training we already deliver for TAPA’s FSR and TSR Security Standards. Training materials are in the process of being developed and reviewed and we have also scheduled a face-to-face training for TAPA Auditors, which will take place in Dusseldorf in September.

Our plan is to make PSR training available in mid-October following the official launch of PSR Levels 1 & 2.       

Using our Secure Parking Online Tool (SPOT)

Our SPOT route planning and secure parking tool – a new addition to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) - is now live and contains information on the 19 PPO locations that have made PSR Partnership Declarations. The number of sites shown in the database will now start to grow month-by-month as more PPOs join in the programme.

For TAPA EMEA members planning transportation routes, SPOT enables you to easily identify (a) incidents of cargo crime along your intended route and (b) the nearest secure parking locations along the route to protect your drivers, vehicles and loads when they need to take a break.

For members already using TAPA’s IIS, identifying secure parking places is as simple as ticking the ‘Parking Spots’ option in the top headings, which will immediately give you a list of sites or the ability to view these on a map.   

How can you help us?

A database of 500 parking sites in Europe may sound a lot but even if every single one was to join our PSR programme, this would still not meet the level of demand for secure parking places. As we know, today, virtually every type of product is at risk of being stolen during the transportation process and most cargo crimes occur when trucks have to stop in unsecured parking locations. TAPA’s PSR is delivering a clearly-defined secure parking standard and a network of easily identifiable secure parking locations, and will be a major step forward against rising cargo crime in Europe.

Do not assume we have already identified PPOs in the markets where you are operating. Please send any PPO contacts you have, which you believe can meet our required standards, to secure.parking@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org

And, finally…

We will continue to provide you with regular updates on PSR but with so much work having already been completed, and with so many TAPA members currently devoting time to helping grow the programme, I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for your support. We can’t do this without you.

PSR is up and running … and there’s much more to come. 

TAPA EMEA is also still engaged with, and supporting, the European Commission's ‘Study on Safe and Secure Parking Places for Trucks’ and we hope to be able to provide an update on the EU's progress with this initiative next month.