WHAT’S NEW IN TECHNOLOGY? PRODUCT NEWS SEPTEMBER 2017 Eye-on-Tech looks at some of the latest news and products in the world of supply chain security technology.

Eye-on-Tech looks at some of the latest news and products in the world of supply chain security technology.

Oncam debuts ‘pioneering’ online visualisation tool and 360-degree dewarping capabilities to website

Oncam, a provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, has  added two new functionalities to its website in an effort to enhance the user experience and drive interaction.  The web-based 360-degree dewarping preview and the online visualisation tool demonstrate Oncam's continued focus on innovation and individuality.

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https://www.sourcesecurity.com/news/articles/oncam-debuts-online-visualisation-tool-dewarping-360-degrees-co-9294-ga-npr.23592.html )

SureView, Tyco collaborate on Single Platform Video Verification

The SG-System 5 alarm receiver supports video verification features for DSC PowerSeries Neo, Tyco Security Products’ wireless intrusion platform.

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Matrix offers Bluetooth-based mobile access control

Today, mobile phones have become a lifeline for entrepreneurs. They are more or less integrated as an essential element in their day-to-day lives. Mobile phones are not only used for swift communication but often used for payment of bills, e-commerce shopping, health monitoring, GPS navigation, and so on and so forth.

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Avigilon launches new H4 IR PTZ camera line

The Avigilon H4 IR PTZ combines Avigilon patented self-learning video analytics with zoomable infrared (IR) technology to provide broad coverage and exceptional image quality in a range of lighting conditions and environments. Using its built-in self-learning video analytics, it can detect and alert users of a person or vehicle of interest. The H4 IR PTZ's powerful zoom lens and IR technology then allow users to see up to 250 metres (820 feet) in complete darkness. The camera's IR projection angle and distance automatically adjust based on camera zoom lens movement, ensuring the scene is illuminated consistently across the field of view for high quality, detailed images.

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