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I am delighted to have been asked to speak on behalf of TAPA EMEA at AVSEC Global in Dubai (3-5 October)

Alongside speakers from the British government, Interpol, the Institute of Strategic Risk Management, IATA, Emirates Group Security, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, as well as other international aviation security stakeholders.

This will be a great opportunity to establish or reinforce our relationships with like-minded organisations and to introduce TAPA EMEA to more supply chain security specialists in the Middle East and from around the world.

You can find out more about the event’s agenda and workshops using this link.


After such a disrupted start to 2021, it is very encouraging to record growth in certifications for all TAPA EMEA Security Standards in the first six months of the year. Thank you to our members achieving these successes and, of course, to our Standards and Training teams for demonstrating the innovation and flexibility to support our members’ supply chain resilience programmes. We now have our biggest-ever Standards Team in EMEA ready to help you begin or grow your use of our FSR, TSR and PSR Standards in a timely, efficient and effective way. They’re ready whenever you choose to ask for assistance.


In this issue, Everstream Analytics provides us with a detailed overview of the latest unrest in South Africa and its immediate impact on the country’s supply chains. The level of violence seen in these attacks is particularly disturbing.

The dangers facing truck drivers in South Africa are regularly reported to our Incident Information Service (IIS). This month, 19 suspects were arrested, and nine vehicles confiscated, after a truck carrying frozen chicken was hijacked in Cape Town. Imagine how intimidating this was for the driver whose vehicle was targeted.

While it remains challenging to obtain intelligence on more than a handful of the incidents taking place, the risks to supply chains in South Africa seems to be greater than ever before. In another crime recorded in the past month, offenders in Durban looted a container holding 1.5 million rounds of ammunition, which they then used to fire at police officers.

We know many TAPA EMEA members frequently face these types of attacks and, while the South African Police Service (SAPS) regularly arrests suspects and recovers stolen goods, 2021 could well go down as the worst year for cargo crime across the country. Please help us and your fellow TAPA EMEA Family members if you have any additional intelligence to share.


Just as we begin to hope that the world has COVID under control, we read of a new pandemic coming our way. This month, INTERPOL’s Secretary General, Jürgen Stock, has called for police agencies worldwide to form a global coalition with industry partners to prevent what he described as a ‘potential ransomware pandemic.’

While some solutions exist nationally or bi-laterally, he said effectively preventing and disrupting ransomware meant adopting the same international collaboration used to fight terrorism, human trafficking or mafia groups. The call to scale up collaboration against ransomware was made in the face of its exponential growth in the wider cybercrime ecosystem, with criminals shifting their business model towards providing Ransomware-as-a-Service. This comes as criminals reportedly made US$350 million (approximately €296m) in 2020 from ransomware payments, an increase of 311% in just 12 months.

We must expect some of this criminal activity to focus on supply chains for all the reasons explained in the EU Agency for Cybersecurity’s new study of cyber threats, which we report in this issue. As with all forms of cargo crime, supply chains are seen as too easy a target for cybercriminals, often because of the multiple players involved. This is a topic we hope to address during our Virtual Conference in November.

“Policing needs to harness the insights of the cyber security industry, computer emergency response teams and other agencies to identify and disrupt cyber criminals as part of a true coalition, working together to reduce the global impact of cybercrime,” Secretary General Stock commented. Under this framework, INTERPOL will also focus on identifying, targeting and disrupting cybercrime threat actors behind ransomware attacks by taking a regional approach for operational coordination with member countries. We must hope his warning is heeded.


Look out for our special trailer movie to promote TAPA EMEA’s Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event. The event is free to all supply chain security stakeholders – both TAPA EMEA members and non-members – from 8-12 November 2021.

Thank you to the 350+ members who have already registered. We are already on course to welcome our biggest-ever audience for a TAPA EMEA conference and exhibition – but you can help us grow our reach to the next level.

When you see the movie in your inbox, on LinkedIn or in the next issue of Vigilant, please share it with your colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers, and help us introduce even more supply chain professionals to TAPA EMEA.


The UK Institute of Export & Trade has published its top 5 supply chain issues in global trade today:

  • Shipping rates
  • Weather
  • Covid in Asia
  • Air cargo capacity going down as air passengers go up
  • Driver shortages

What are the ‘big ticket’ items you regard as the greatest challenges to the resilience of your supply chains over the next 12 months? Tell us and we’ll look to include them in future Vigilant articles or on our conference agenda. Share your thoughts using the Contact link on this website.


At the end of this month, TAPA EMEA bids farewell to its Admin partner, LBA International Consultancy. LBA’s Executive Chairman, Laurence Brown, stepped down from his role as Executive Director of TAPA EMEA at the end of 2020 after successfully supporting our transition to a new, full-time leadership and executive team to spearhead the next stage of TAPA EMEA’s growth.

Now, the LBA team of Shan McCarthy, Sara Swift and Chelsea Thomas are handing over their responsibilities to the TAPA EMEA teams in Germany and the Netherlands.

I wish to take this opportunity to personally thank Shan, Sara and Chelsea – and Stacy Cain, who left LBA in 2020 - for their hard work and commitment to TAPA EMEA during the 13 years of LBA’s great service to our Association. Through their daily contact with members and the support they provided at our conferences, they have been very popular and valued members of the TAPA EMEA Family. We wish them all well for the future.

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