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IIS Cargo Theft Annual Report Now Available

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This November we are preparing to deliver our biggest-ever TAPA EMEA conference, exhibition and networking event – and everyone is invited. You can register now on our website under News & Events.

This will be our first virtual conference event, but I am confident it will not be the last one. Of course, in 2022, we can’t wait to welcome our TAPA EMEA members and partners to a face-to-face conference again but, until then, I am confident you will find our plans for the week of 8-12 November 2021 a fantastic opportunity to gather information of the latest supply chain resilience trends, to learn about new security solutions, and to network with supply chain professionals from across our region.

A few key points:

  • It’s important to register now to receive updates on the event
  • This event is free of charge to both members and non-members
  • We encourage you to invite your colleagues, customers and partners to register
  • The conference will be delivered in daily sessions of no more than 3 hours
  • Our exhibition will be open daily and all day to provide maximum opportunities for delegates to contact our TAPA EMEA Premier Partners, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Our virtual platform will enable you to have live chats, video meetings, and to view and download videos and brochures from every company in our virtual exhibition

We are now in the final stages of agreeing our conference agenda and I am certain you will find the content and speakers of great value to your supply chain resilience programmes.

For now, I ask you to just do three things:

  1. REGISTER to participate
  2. SAVE the date in your schedule
  3. SHARE the registration link with your colleagues, customers and partners and encourage them to join us

We are opening up this event to all supply chain, security and business resilience professionals. Please help us build our biggest-ever TAPA EMEA audience.

YEAR 2000

A big ‘thank you’ to our Training and Admin teams for enabling us to achieve another significant growth milestone; the delivery of TAPA Security Standards and other training support to over 2,000 people in the past 12 months. With record membership growth, increasing demand for our Standards, and our more accessible and flexible online and video training courses, TAPA EMEA is committed to providing the best training solutions for our members. Keep talking to us about what you need.


TAPA EMEA is taking delivery of a new vehicle to support our training and brand awareness in EMEA. It will be used for training and demonstration purposes as well as at the various events, conferences and exhibitions we will be participating in as the lockdown restrictions are lifted. With distinctive TAPA EMEA branding, it will be used to ensure more supply chain and security specialists are made aware of our great Association and are encouraged to find out more about our Security Standards, certification programme, training and supply chain resilience intelligence. Special thanks to our TAPA EMEA 2021 Premier Partners for helping us achieve this.


In this issue, we feature some of the risks companies face when they do not carry out proper due diligence on the businesses or ‘businesses’ they choose to work with. Our ‘Perfect Storm’ editorial focuses on online freight exchanges. Whilst we know we have members who products have been stolen by criminals using these platforms, the subject of due diligence is, of course, much more far-reaching. As the article quite rightly points out, the severe lack of truck drivers and road transport capacity in Europe, in particular, means companies are looking for a variety of ways to source the delivery services they need. With this comes risk, because of the speed with which decisions have to be taken and the desire to get goods shipped. Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) understand this and see the pressure on Manufacturers and Logistics Service Providers as a great opportunity. The article in this issue offers some sound advice on how to protect your goods in transit. Completing these simple checks may be the difference between a secure delivery and a significant loss.


We now have some 600 followers on our new TAPA EMEA LinkedIn page, who are seeing all of our latest news and developments. If you’re not following us, please do so right now – and please help grow awareness of TAPA EMEA by sharing our posts with your own contacts. Thank you for your support!


Tragically, in the past month, we have received new reports of truck drivers who have lost their lives while simply trying to do their jobs. Our thoughts are with their families, friends and colleagues.

Over the years, some people have considered cargo theft to be a ‘victimless crime’, arguing that it’s usually big corporations which are impacted and, even when goods are stolen, their losses are covered by insurance. We know this is not the case but when we hear such sad news of driver fatalities, it takes the whole issue of supply chain resilience to a new level.

It is vital that every effort is made to protect drivers and to make them aware of the risks they can face on the roads and, as much as possible, how to stay safe. TAPA EMEA’s new Driver Training course can help and we are also supporting other initiatives, which also aim to keep drivers safe.

As we know, there are huge driver shortages across the EMEA region, and this situation is worsening. Drivers are the frontline of most supply chains, and they play a vital role for businesses of all sizes. There has never been a more important time to show them our support.


New crime statistics released by the South African Police Service show a 24.6% rise in truck hijackings in January-March 2021. This data is shared on the law enforcement agency’s website and includes the number of incidents, year-on-year comparisons, and the number of these crimes in each region. This is helpful intelligence.

Wherever you are based in the EMEA region, do your own national police forces also publish similar data which details aspects of cargo crime? TAPA EMEA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) receives some police data but if you have links to LEA crime statistics sources in your own country, please share this with our IIS team at iis@tapaemea.org

Every source of cargo crime information is valuable to us.


I know many of our members will be about to start their summer breaks. Whatever you’re able to do this year, I wish you all a peaceful, safe and relaxing break.

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