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TAPA EMEA will be among the speakers and exhibitors participating in The 22nd edition of the International Logistics Exhibition SIL Barcelona as the Association continues to focus on building its awareness in Spain and the wider Iberian Peninsula region.

In 2021, the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS) recorded 539 cargo crimes in Spain, up 68.4% year-on-year, and with a combined loss for the near 90% of incidents reporting a value of more than €8.7 million. As TAPA EMEA tries to learn more about cargo crime trends in Spain, and build a regional team to put ‘boots on the ground,’ there is no bigger or better way to engage with supply chain stakeholders than to be part of SIL Barcelona.

SIL Barcelona is the leading exhibition for Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Supply Chain in Southern Europe and is organised by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) from May 31 to June 2, 2022, in Hall 8 of the Montjuïc - Plaza España venue, Fira de Barcelona. After an absence of 2 years due to the pandemic restrictions, this year’s SIL Barcelona will present a renewed, more technological image that will further boost networking among attendees.

In support of this, SIL 2022 has created an application that will facilitate the transmission of data between exhibitors and visitors just by scanning their corresponding QR codes. However, the main pillars of the fair are still the same: business deals, networking and sharing knowledge.

Pere Navarro, special delegate of the State in the CZFB, said of the upcoming event: “In this edition, framed in an unprecedented socioeconomic and health context, we want to focus on logistics and e-commerce as key parts of the economy, from the three main economic macro trends: innovation, sustainability and talent.”

Logistics and e-commerce: economy engines

The exhibition will feature more than 300 experts in the logistics and e-commerce sectors in four stages to discuss topics such as business transformation and new business models, global supply chains, e-commerce & delivery, innovation, resilience, talent, sustainability and technology.

  • In the Business Transformation stage, the discussion will focus on three economic macro-trends: the global commercial challenges, new business models and the cultural transformation that companies face today and in the future after a health and socioeconomic crisis.
  • In the Industry & Logistics stage, professionals from both sectors will address issues such as breaks in the supply chain, resilience, trends in sustainability, logistics talent, and the great challenges of digitisation and industry 4.0.
  • In the eDelivery stage, experts will address the challenges of eDelivery such as marketing, omnichannel innovation, delivery excellence, fulfillment, customer obsession, data and insights.
  • Lastly, in the Global Logistics stage, issues such as digitisation in the postal sector, networking and talent, and sustainability and digital transformation will be questioned to promote the recovery of Europe.

Blanca Sorigué, CEO of the CZFB and SIL Barcelona, ​​highlighted: “In the current context, marked by permanent uncertainty, it is necessary to value the importance of all activities in the logistics sector. That is why, in this edition, we will analyse the global challenges and opportunities that companies are facing today and will face in the future.”

In addition to its presence in the exhibition hall, on 1 June 2022, TAPA EMEA will give a presentation on cargo crime trends in EMEA, including a focus on incidents in Spain as well as the solutions available to companies looking to build more resilience into their supply chains.

TAPA EMEA will be represented by Markus Prinz, Senior Manager, Standards & Training, and two of the Association’s Spanish members:

  • Daniel García Caellas, Head of Safety, Risk Prevention & DPO at Desigual
  • Carmen Nickstat, Handling Manager at NAEKO


Registration for the event is now available and is completely free of cost until May 15, 2022. To register, you must fill in the form available on the event at www.silbcn.com.


Recorded cargo losses from supply chains in Spain reported to the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS)

  • 2021 – 539 incidents
  • +68.4% change over the 320 incidents in 2020
  • 90% of incidents gave a value
  • Total loss: >€8.7 million
  • Top types of incidents: Theft from Vehicle – 266 crimes (49%), Theft from Trailer – 181 (33%)
  • Top types of known locations: Destination Facility, Unclassified Parking
  • Product types targeted: Food & Drink, Furniture/Household Appliances, Clothing & Footwear, No Load (Theft of truck and/or trailer), Metal, Bicycles, Car Parts, Computers/Laptops

Examples of cargo losses in last 12 months

  • €1 million – theft of trailer load of computers/laptops in Zaragoza
  • €550,000 – theft of pharmaceuticals from an Origin Facility in Badalona
  • €550,000 – theft of car parts from a truck in the Basque Country
  • €300,000 – theft of miscellaneous products in Madrid
  • €130,000 – theft of computers/laptops in Martorelles
  • €122,000 – theft of miscellaneous products from a vehicle in Martorelles
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