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We are delighted to share the topics and speakers our delegates can look forward to during TAPA EMEA’s Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event from November 8-12, 2021.

The event will look at the broader challenges facing prime modes of transport operating at the heart of global supply chains, discuss current and emerging threats to the reliance of supply chains, and provide the latest updates on the tools and solutions TAPA EMEA provides to help companies manage risks and prevent losses.

Download the full program here

Day 1 – November 8, 2021


Session 1: Air cargo: challenges of the pandemic & lessons learned

Speaker: Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo, IATA

This presentation provides an insight and update on the world of air cargo and its vital role in the resilience of global supply chains; how it has kept supply chains moving throughout the pandemic, the impact of the virus on the aviation sector and what lies ahead for the industry and its customers in 2022 and beyond.

Speaker Profile

Brendan has worked in air cargo for 20 years, including spending 14 years at IATA, the International Air Transport Association. Since January, he has been acting Global Head of Cargo alongside his role as Head of Cargo Operations and E-Commerce.

Passionate about diversity and innovation, Brendan is also the co-developer of the IATA Future Air Cargo Executive (FACE) programme, designed to attract, develop and retain talent in the air cargo industry. He began his cargo career with Air Canada in 2000.

Session 2: Oceanfreight - A world of turmoil: The impact of COVID on container markets

Speaker: Alan Murphy, CEO, Sea-Intelligence

By almost every conceivable metric, container shipping is in completely uncharted territory: Record US demand, record congestion levels, record high freight rates, record delays, record number of blank sailings, record low reliability, record capacity supply, record carrier profits, record low idle fleet, and record long transit times. In this presentation we will examine the underlying drivers of the current global container shipping crisis, delve into how we can have both record demand and absolutely no global demand boom at the same time, chart out what a route back to "normalcy" looks like, and discuss exactly what aspects are likely never going to return to the pre-pandemic "normal".

Speaker Profile

Alan Murphy has 17 years of experience in container shipping research and analysis, providing insight and intelligence to a broad range of stakeholders in the logistics community. He founded Sea-Intelligence with industry legend Lars Jensen in 2011 to provide truly exceptional and insightful liner shipping analysis. Alan was previously Senior Analyst of Maersk Line’s Intelligence & Analysis section, at that time the industry’s largest customer of industry analysis, research and market data.

Alan has a degree in business economics and, prior to joining Maersk in 2004, worked as a Research Analyst at the Department of Finance at the Copenhagen Business School.

Session 3: Supply Chain Resiliency in a Post-Pandemic World

Speaker: Mirko Woitzik, Senior Manager EMEA, Intelligence Solutions at Everstream Analytics

Supply chains have been upended by unprecedented disruptions over the past 21 months. Major disruptions, often exacerbated by the pandemic, have spurred an industry-wide awakening that has business leaders eager to create more agile and resilient operations that can withstand future shocks.

Just in 2021 alone, the Suez Canal blockage caused global product shortages on numerous critical goods, while the February freeze in Texas triggered mass blackouts that led to chemical plant shutdowns, causing a shortage of raw materials needed for products such as medical face shields and smartphones. And, Covid outbreaks continue to impede manufacturing worldwide.

In this presentation, Everstream will cover:

  • the trends shaping the future of supply chain resiliency in a post-pandemic world;
  • lessons learnt from recent disruptions, including cargo capacity constraints and manufacturing halts;
  • best practices on how industry-leading organizations are managing the transition to a post-pandemic world, building resilient supply chains, and creating competitive advantages.

Speaker Profile

Mirko Woitzik is the global deputy head of Everstream Analytics’ Intelligence Solutions Team, where he manages a team of analysts responsible for providing around-the-clock supply chain risk monitoring and analytics for the EMEA region. He is fluent in five languages, including Chinese and French, and has gained supply chain risk expertise especially with automotive and pharmaceutical customers over the past five years. He holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the College of Europe with a scholarship from the German government.

Session 4: Driving to a green, safe future: the road transport perspective

Speaker: Raluca Marian, Director EU Advocacy & General Delegate of the Permanent Delegation to the EU, International Road Transport Union (IRU)

Raluca will discuss the lessons learned by road transport from the Covid pandemic, and the outlook, opportunities and challenges for the sector in 2022 and beyond. This will address key topics for the industry, ranging from social aspects, such as driver shortages, to decarbonisation of road transport. Raluca will also present IRU’s initiatives and activities relating to driver safety and security.

IRU is the voice of more than 3.5 million companies operating mobility and logistics services in over 100 countries.

Speaker Profile

Raluca leads the IRU’s Brussels-based team in charge of advocacy for the entire commercial transport by road, including mobility of people and goods. This includes all road freight transport and logistics matters as well as their multi-modal connectivity and drive to digitalisation.

Day 2 – November 9, 2021


Session 1: ‘Operation Vax’ & the security of global COVID vaccine distribution

Speaker: Chuck Forsaith, Vice President, Healthcare Distribution Alliance

One of the highest profile commodities to move through the global supply chain in recent memory, the anticipated distribution of COVID vaccines presented the pharmaceutical industry with several unique supply chain security challenges. The breath of the global distribution itself, combined with the expeditious nature surrounding how the vaccines would need to be distributed - and the unusually unique handling characteristics (cold chain) - challenged even some of the very best, established, supply chain security programmes.

The industry and those that support it (business partners, vendors and linked associations) responded in a truly unified fashion which, to date, has resulted in "0" large scale losses or diversions. This presentation will highlight one of the programmes that assisted in that effort - the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition’s (PCSC)'s ‘Operation Vax’.

Speaker Profile

Chuck Forsaith joined the Healthcare Distribution Alliance in November of 2017, after 16 years working for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and 21 years of service as both a New Hampshire municipal and State Police officer. He now serves as a Vice President within the HDA.

His responsibilities with the HDA’s Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition include managing all facets of that industry trade association - which has over 2,000 individual members. The PCSC, which represents a wide variety of disciplines, monitors the security of pharmaceutical goods, in both transit and storage, all over the world.

He has lectured domestically and internationally in the disciplines of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and Site Security for such organizations as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Food & Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States Department of Justice, United States Customs and the Department of Homeland Security.

Session 2: A richly connected world: resilience against digital attacks on logistics

Speakers: Erik Heskes of cyber security consultancy Lemonshark, and Alwin Peppels of Cyber Seals

This presentation will review multiple case studies of cyber intrusions into transport companies, and dive into strategies that might have prevented them. Our speakers will show what a spear phishing attack with ransomware looks like in practice, and what tools anyone might be used to defend against them.

Speaker Profiles

Alwin Peppels is Senior Security Engineer at Cyber Seals B.V., a digital security firm which aims to create awareness by demonstrating practical attacks, and to guide developers in creating robust mitigations. He is a technology enthusiast and penetration tester for governmental and financial organisations, with an interest in access control systems, RF, and Machine Learning.

Erik Heskes is Senior Cyber Security Consultant​ at cyber security consultancy Lemonshark, handling security topics including SIEM/SOC, Purple teaming, pentesting and compliance, mostly within financial institutions. ​

Session 3: Cargo Theft: Petty Crime or part of Organised crime?

Speaker: Michael Will, Senior Specialist, Europol

A leading law enforcement expert, Michael will share Europol’s perspective on both Organised Property Crime and Cargo Theft.

He will discuss hotspots for criminal activity and the criminal networks involved in these attacks, including M.O. used and the fencing chain for stolen goods. He will also provide an update on how EU law enforcement agencies are working to tackle this phenomenon.

Speaker Profile

Michael joined Berlin CID in 1985 and was on duty when the Berlin Wall fell. After the internal German border was abolished, he was tasked with building up a special fugitive active search team to track down the fugitives worldwide. After more than 15 years, he was assigned as head of the Motor Vehicle Crime unit and joined Europol in 2013, where he leads the Organised Property Crime (OPC) team.

He has more than 30 years’ experience of working on international or cross-border organized crime investigations, making best use of law enforcement and public-private networks.

Session 4: Bogus Transport Operators – Understanding the threat

Speaker: Andy Griffiths, Lead of the TAPA EMEA Fake Carrier Intelligence Group

Compounded by EU driver shortages and reductions in available truck capacity, the threat to supply chains posed by fraudulent transport companies has never been greater. This session examines the impact of bogus transport operators in the EMEA region and the methodology behind these crimes. It will also discuss the challenges faced by investigators, the importance of effective carrier due diligence checks, and taking a collaborative approach to fake carrier investigations.

To highlight this important topic, like-minded industry peers have come together to create the Fake Carrier Intelligence Group. Supported by TAPA EMEA, this special interest group enjoys a growing membership of transport partners, manufacturers, insurers, representatives from law enforcement and other partner agencies. The presentation will outline the groups aims, objectives and benefits of membership.

Speaker Profile

Andy Griffiths is the Security Manager for Europe at Mondelez International, the multi-national confectionary, beverage and snack food company and lead representative of the recently-created TAPA EMEA Fake Carrier Intelligence Working Group. He is as an experienced security manager, with over 30 years’ experience within UK law enforcement, transportation and supply chain logistics.

Day 3 – November 10, 2021


Session 1: Is loss prevention still up to date? The view of marine insurers

Speaker: Pascal Dubois, Loss Prevention Committee Chairman, International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI)

Pascal will discuss the view of marine insurers and look at the impact on insurers and the insured as well as the regulatory environment, including how marine insurers have to include parameters such as Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and digitalization for the benefit of all parties. He will ask if the very traditional concept of loss prevention is still valid in a changing world?

IUMI is a professional body run by and for its members and represents national and international marine insurers. It has earned a unique status in the world of marine and transport insurance.

Speaker Profile

Pascal Dubois is CEO of CESAM (Study and Service Committee for Marine Insurance) in Paris and has 31 years’ experience in the marine insurance industry. As well as his role as Loss Prevention Committee Chairman for the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI), Pascal has also served as Chair of the French Cargo Committee for several years.

He graduated from an International Business School in Paris and has a Masters degree in Law and Economy of Transportation from the University Paris I – Panthéon/Sorbonne. He was previously Marine Manager for companies such as Helvetia, La Neuchâteloise, Winterthur, MMA Covea and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

Pascal Dubois has been a member of the IUMI Facts and Figures Committee for 2 years before joining the Loss Prevention Committee in 2015, becoming Chair in 2018.

Session 2: Breakthrough Requested – Research on vulnerabilities to crime in road and logistics in The Netherlands

Speaker: Dr. Eric Bervoets, Criminologist, Bervoets Research Agency

The Netherlands is a ‘logistics turntable of Europe’ with the Ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From empirical research and criminal cases, we know that The Netherlands is also unintentionally interesting for international illicit drug trafficking, which prompted the Dutch Ministry of Justice to produce a study on vulnerability to crime in the transport sector, especially freight transport by road.

The project had three goals and a focus on The Netherlands:

  1. Provide insight into vulnerabilities
  2. Make recommendations to make the transport world resilient and agile towards crime and criminal networks
  3. Give recommendations on Public Private Partnerships to reach the goals formulated with point 2.

As one of the authors of the resulting ‘Breakthrough Requested’ report, Dr. Eric Bervoets will address the key findings and main conclusions of this study, and will elaborate on the question ‘What can be done by public and private actors?’

Speaker Profile

Dr. Eric Bervoets is a Dutch criminologist with his own research agency since 2009. He frequently works with Dutch universities and the Netherlands Defence Academy. Until 2007, he worked at the Dutch Police Academy and lectured criminology at the Dutch Study Center of Justice (SSR). He publishes frequently on policing, criminal networks and the drug economy. His projects are known for a focus on applied social research.

Session 3: Protecting the conveyance of transportable assets in Eastern Europe and EMEA

Speaker: Mike, Pyszczymuka, Pinkerton Dedicated Professional, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigation

Mike will share his experience of working in Eastern Europe and EMEA, discussing general threats and risks to the safe and reliable conveyance of commerce, and providing a snapshot of recent cargo theft intelligence and previous case experiences. He will offer some supply chain best practices, including from both personal and legal perspectives.

Speaker Profile

Mike is an innovative and experienced former member of the US Government’s Senior Executive Service, with over 25 years of experience as an FBI Special Agent, including 15 years of experience supervising investigations in foreign counterintelligence, Russian organized crime, international terrorism, general criminal investigations, and crisis management. He is recognised as a hands-on, proactive troubleshooter who can rapidly identify key issues, formulate strategic plans, initiate change, build teams, and implement new procedures in challenging and diverse environments. He has progressive experience in all phases of Strategic Planning, Investigative and Operational Management, Leadership Development, and all aspects of Crisis Management.

Session 4: Challenges of vetting
Speaker: Gilad Solnik, Director Security & Loss Prevention, EMEA at Amazon

Gilad will review the various challenges organisations are facing in relation to conducting effective vetting processes for new employees or contractors – a significant industry-wide issue for all supply chain resilience professionals in light of increased risks of serious and organised crime, and the need to balance security regulatory compliance requirements with the increased focus on privacy and data protection.

Session 5: Pitfalls, hints and tips for secure intermodal sea container transportation

Speakers: Pana Laimos, Vice Chairman, and Michalis Chronopoulos, Head of Security Risk Management, G4S Telematix

Delegates will learn about intermodal sea container security risks as well as available solutions used as mitigation measures. An analysis of the operational requirements will reveal the most common challenges companies face daily and how these could be approached by tracking hardware and software suppliers. Tips and pitfalls will be presented, illustrating how security experts apply risk-based approach methodology to evaluate and approve technology to sector specific needs.

The presentation aims to help the TAPA EMEA Virtual Conference audience understand how a company with High Value Theft Targeted (HVTT) goods can use technology and cross-border monitoring services to prevent losses in the intermodal supply chain.

Speaker Profiles

Pana Laimos is Vice Chairman and Executive Member of the BoD of G4S Telematix, managing several activities for G4S in Central & Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa such as Cash Security, Supply Chain Security and Environmental Projects. During his 17 years career with G4S, Pana has undertaken several top managerial positions and security projects in several countries. During his assignments, he has been mostly responsible for High-Value Theft Targeted Cargo Supply Chains, including warehousing and transportation/distribution. He has also been involved in numerous High-Value Cargo Loss investigations, supporting organisations in solving actual cases and developing mitigation measures based on lessons learned.

Michalis Chronopoulos is Head of Security Risk Management in G4S Telematix, managing the cross border response network of G4S in Europe, and the advisory services mainly focused on supply chain security and R&D projects in Europe. He is a certified lead security auditor and has been conducting risk assessments for customers entering the High-Value Theft Targeted transportation sector.

Day 4 – November 11, 2021

TAPA EMEA update


  • EMEA Status Report
  • Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO, TAPA EMEA
  • Introducing TAPA EMEA’s new intelligence tool
  • Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO, TAPA EMEA
  • Benefits of TAPA Security Standards Certification – FSR, TSR & PSR updates
  • Mark Gruentjes, Standards Lead & Steve McHugh, Executive Director Standards, TAPA EMEA
  • TAPA EMEA Training update
  • Markus Prinz, Senior Manager, Trainings & Standards

TAPA EMEA Q&A Panel including:

  • Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO
  • Marcel Saarloos, Chair
  • Ap Boom, Chief Financial & Compliance Officer
  • Mark Gruentjes, Standards Lead
  • Steve McHugh, Executive Director Standards
  • Markus Prinz, Senior Manager, Trainings & Trainings

Day 5 – November 12, 2021


Session 1: Three high-risk European routes

Speakers: Steve Bacot, LandRisk Manager and Kristian Bischof, Europe & Russia Analyst, Risk Intelligence

This presentation looks a three high-risk European transportation routes and discusses how to find secure alternatives, covering:

  • Three European logistics lanes that are being impacted by cargo thefts right now
  • Context, statistics over 6 months, and possible outlooks
  • Zooming in on one route, and showing how logisticians can assess the possible alternatives using Lane Threat Assessment
  • Principles of assessments, what to look for, how to weigh commercial choices against risks and more

Speaker Profiles

Steve is the LandRisk Manager at Risk Intelligence and has led the development work of LandRisk Logistics. He previously served in the UK Parachute Regiment and has 15 years’ experience in international security, including support for governmental reconstruction programmes, commercial oil and gas projects and NGO humanitarian operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. With a strong operational background in hostile and post-conflict environments, Steve has focused on policy development, risk and incident management and compliance to industry and international standards. Steve is an ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Physical Security Professional (PSP)

Kristian is Risk Intelligence’s Europe and Russia analyst, as well as having a focus on emerging technological threats like cyber and electronic warfare. Kristian has previously served in the Danish Army and worked with analysis and physical security in international NGOs and emergency response organisations. Additionally, he has been a part of the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association, a Copenhagen based think-tank researching issues on international security.

Session 2: Container 42: How the Smartest Container in the World can Contribute to Port & Cargo Security

Speaker: Erwin Rademaker, Program Manager, Port of Rotterdam

As one of the leading ports in the world, with the ambition to be the smartest port, Rotterdam is taking the lead in the digital transformation of port and logistics. The Port of

Rotterdam Authority and market players are experimenting with taking the operation of the port to an even higher level through digitization. Part of this experiment is the development of Container 42. The container is equipped with sensors and communication technology, and it will travel around the world for two years to collect data that had until now been invisible. Vibrations, pitch, position, noise, air pollution, humidity and temperature are among the things that will be recorded.

Digitisation contributes to the ambition to make autonomous sailing possible within the port of Rotterdam by 2030. Container 42 symbolises (semi) autonomous ships that, in the near future, need all kinds of new,hyper-secure and accurate information in order to perform their (semi) autonomous tasks in a safe and reliable manner. Standardisation also plays a crucial role. By using global, open standards, it is easy for all links in the chain to connect and therefore make maximum use of the real-time data available.

Speakers profile

Erwin Rademaker has an educational background in Public Law and Business Information Management. Erwin is a national and international award-winning executive project and programme manager. After joining Port of Rotterdam in 2002, Erwin worked within the Environmental Management, Asset Management, Port Development and Digital & IT departments. Currently, Erwin is working on long-term or Horizon-3 innovations and concepts like the Digital Twin, Container 42 and the Energy Transition. Besides his work at Port of Rotterdam, Erwin is the author of 12 books, an international street photographer and a documentary maker.

Session 3: Emerging Supply Chain Risk Trends for 2022 & how to adapt

Speaker: Jim Yarbrough, Global Intelligence Director, BSI

A review of five key topics and emerging trends from BSI’s new global intelligence annual report, with specific emphasis on the convergence of security, sustainability, and business continuity supply chain challenges. Areas of discussion will include:

  • Against a backdrop of irreversible climate change and economic uncertainty, what do we really need to know about our suppliers?
  • As regulatory regimes evolve, how do we ensure we make the supply chain decisions that can shape business success and a cleaner, greener planet?
  • How do we best address the key geographic and sector pain points in a changed and changing world?
  • How do we adapt to the current convergence of multiple business challenges?
  • What are the key emerging trends for 2022 and beyond and how do we unlock the potential they offer?

Speaker Profile

Jim Yarbrough leads BSI’s team of supply chain intelligence analysts and assesses the potential threat of criminal activity, human rights violations, and business continuity disruption to global supply chains. He also provides information and analysis about the threat to international cargo to governments around the world and to a number of Fortune 500 companies. He also developed a unique study on acts of terrorism that specifically target supply chain infrastructure, personnel, and modes of transportation. He previously served as a Research Associate with the Center for International Trade & Security at the University of Georgia.

Session 4: Resilience in Future Global Supply Chains

Speaker: Adrian Viellechner, Operations Consultant, McKinsey & Company

Today, we face an increasing supply chain risk from more frequently occurring shocks and more vulnerability, causing significant economic damage. Building resilience in global supply chains is key to decrease supply chain risk, resulting in lower cost, reduced lead times, and unlocked cash-flow. What does this mean for the future?

Find out more here

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