TAPA offers a self-certification option for its Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) Security Standards, which are currently free for TAPA members.

TAPA has created a new Audit form which eliminates the previous BSI tool in the certification submission process, making it more compact, TAPA-trained auditors to complete TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) Level C and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) Level 3 self-certification.

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TAPA members which plan to apply for and complete the self-certification programme for FSR Level C or TSR Level 3 must begin by completing the online submission form below. They will then receive an invitation email from TAPA to create an account as well as the assessment link. Once a member has created an account, they can login at any time.

Please note the 2020 revision of the TAPA FSR and TSR Standards TAPA requires a Logistics Service provider/Applicant to have a TAPA-trained person in place in their organisation FSR/TSR 2020 certification audits can be performed. Once they have joined one of the Association’s Standards training courses for FSR or TSR, and passed the relevant exam, they will be classified as an LSP Authorised Auditor (LSP AA). This is not limited only to the self-certification process as this is also an important and mandatory requirement for the Independent Audit Bodies (IAB) audits of FSR Level A and B as well as TSR Level 1 and 2.

TAPA’s Self-certification Audit Tool ‘User Guide’ is available in the Download section on the right and offers easy to follow, step-by-step information on how to use the new tool.

For information on TAPA’s PSR self-certification programme, please visit the PSR Page.

If you require any further assistance, or have any questions regarding the audit tool, please contact using the form below.

TAPA Standards – Self Certification Admission Form

In case of TSR level 3 self-certification only, please choose (Multiple possible)

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