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TAPA EMEA Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event

This event is free of charge for members & non-members – please invite your colleagues, partners and suppliers to register too.

Registration for TAPA EMEA’s first-ever Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event on 8-12 November 2021 is now open.

Please take a moment and register now using the registration form.

This will be the biggest-ever gathering of supply chain security and resilience professionals in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region – and by registering now, you will receive regular updates on the event, our conference sessions and Subject Matter Expert speakers, and how to optimise the unique networking opportunities the event will offer to engage with other TAPA EMEA members and non-members as well as our TAPA EMEA Premier Partners, sponsors and exhibitors.


Is there a cost to participate in the Virtual Conference & Networking Event?

No - delegates (both members and non-members of TAPA EMEA) can register free of charge to access all the Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event benefits. TAPA EMEA is waiving the delegate cost for non-members to significantly increase the volume of networking opportunities for all participants and to grow awareness of our Association to the broadest possible group of supply chain resilience and security stakeholders.

We are TAPA EMEA members – can we invite our customers and partners to register free of charge as well as more members of our own teams?

Yes – the Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event is open to all supply chain and security professionals interested in learning more about supply chain risks, loss prevention and risk mitigation, and who see value in opportunities to engage with other like-minded specialists and solutions providers.

I am not a TAPA EMEA member – can I register to attend free of charge?

Yes – simply complete the registration form on this page. We look forward to introducing you to our work as the world’s leading supply chain security & resilience Association.

How is the Virtual Conference going to work?

The Virtual Conference will consist of 2-3 hourly sessions on each of the five days of the event, enabling delegates to combine their participation in the Conference with time to engage with other participants, and to continue to meet the requirements of their day jobs. Details of the agenda and timings will be shared in due course – once you register, TAPA EMEA will ensure you automatically receive all updates on the event.

When will the Exhibition be open?

TAPA EMEA intends for the Virtual Exhibition area to be open all day from 8-12 November 2021 to provide maximum opportunities for delegates to engage with the supply chain security solutions providers present in our biggest-ever exhibition.

How can we engage with other delegates, Premier Partners, sponsors and exhibitors?

As well as being the biggest-ever TAPA EMEA exhibition, our Virtual Exhibition will give you significantly more time than ever before to interact with a diverse group of leading supply chain security solutions providers.

Compared to TAPA EMEA’s one and-a-half day face-to-face events, November 2021‘s virtual event will enable you to meet up, and connect with, our Premier Partners, sponsors and exhibitors over 5 days – and our virtual platform will offer quick and easy ways to:

  • Live chat
  • Set up video calls
  • Create meeting agendas
  • View video content
  • Download brochures
  • Post enquiries & request information

Prior to the start of the Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event, TAPA EMEA will be issuing a simple guide to demonstrate how to connect with everyone participating, to ensure you maximise the value of your participation.

Any other benefits for non-members who register?

Yes. As well as confirming your place at the leading supply chain security & resilience Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event in 2021, non-members who register will also be added to our distribution list to receive a free monthly copy of TAPA EMEA’s Vigilant e-Magazine, containing supply chain security & resilience news, features, and the latest TAPA Incident Information Service (IIS) data for recorded cargo losses in the EMEA region.

Apart from registering, do I have to do anything else right now?

No. Once you register, your place at our Virtual Conference, Exhibition & Networking Event will be confirmed. TAPA EMEA will proactively send you all the relevant news and updates you will need to get the most from this unique event.

How can I find out about taking a space in the Virtual Exhibition area?

Easy! Just send us a message to our conference team and they will contact you directly with further information.


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