Training Schedule

2020 Standards Training 'NEW FORMAT'

We are pleased to announce that the new FSR and TSR virtual online training courses are now finalised and are open for registration.

Train at your own pace.

The new trainings course material has been developed to enable you to train at the pace which meets your needs, therefore you no longer have to free up two days of your time, simply register for the desired course and once the approval process is completed you will be assigned the course.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions whilst you are working through the course, just simply use the ‘Messages’ tab you will find in the training tool. These questions will be answered during the monthly workshop webinars.

Workshop webinars

To assist you we will be holding monthly webinars, where we will address any questions which have been asked and go through the ‘case studies’ which will form part of the training material. To attend one of our workshop webinars – click the link and simply register.


The new training material is module based and as you complete the last module you will be invited to complete the course by taking the exam. You will automatically receive your certificate if you pass.

All the information you require to successfully pass the exam will be contained in the material and the TAPA Standards, which you should have downloaded before starting.

Next Steps

All you need to do now is register for the course that you wish to take and subject to final approval and payment (if required), you will receive the link to start.

*Please Note

Once we have received your registration for a TAPA EMEA course, several checks will be carried out this includes membership/non-membership entity status, if any fees are required and any payments are outstanding. see for details. A mail will be sent to you explaining any further action required on your part which if not addressed may cause a delay in the course being assigned to you.

Finally, we wish you every success as you embark on your TAPA EMEA Training journey.

TAPA & IRU Driver Training

TAPA, in partnership with the IRU Academy, has developed an online e-learning course to help drivers minimise security risks throughout transport operations. The course raises awareness of the risks of cargo theft but also covers related security risks such as illegal immigration and smuggling. More information about the IRU Academy can be found here

In addition to this digital driver training option, TAPA EMEA is able to provide you and your staff with individual and tailor-made driver training courses adapted to your specific needs. For further information, please contact the TAPA Admin team.

2021 Training Important Information

TAPA Training participation is necessary for all staff who will be integrating the 2020 FSR or TSR Standards into their jobs. This applies to new company joiners as well as employees who have already been trained in the previous versions of the TAPA Standards. Only after completing a TAPA training, and passing the relevant examination, are trainees qualified to support audits for the new 2020 versions of the TAPA Standards.

There are no refresher training courses for the 2020 FSR and TSR Standards so participation in a 2020 Standard training course is mandatory for anyone whose previous training has expired.


As we are still facing unimaginable challenges as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not providing any face-to-face training courses at this current time. We, therefore, kindly ask you to register for the online training course which best suits your requirement. Please contact us at any time to organise optional bespoke or exclusive trainings for your individual needs.

Thank you and stay safe.


Need help to register for a training?

  • Click on training in table below
  • Fill out form and submit
  • Receive email with confirmation link (Click on it to approve)
  • Receive confirmation email by system
  • Receive email with details regarding the training

FSR2020 Standard online training, train at your own pace

19/05/2021 - 31/12/2022 09:00 - 17:00

TSR2020 Standard online training, train at your own pace

19/05/2021 - 31/12/2022 09:00 - 17:00

PSR Standard online training, train at your own pace

20/05/2021 - 31/12/2022 09:00 - 17:00
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