Electronic Door Locking System Light and Motion Sensor Intelligent and Connected Tarpaulin On-Board Computer with Anti-Start Function Trailer Telematics

Electronic Door Locking System


Tailored for container and trailer doors, OptiLock™ not only secures doors but also maintains cargo integrity by preventing unauthorized temperature changes in refrigerated trucks. In the contemporary landscape, it provides peace of mind beyond what traditional padlocks can offer. Easily lock and unlock via PIN code on a keypad or wirelessly through telematics, granting you the ultimate control and protection for your cargo.

Light and Motion Sensor

Light and Motion Sensor Upgrade for OptiLock

ZF’s next generation Light and Motion Sensor (LMS) is developed in-house to automotive standards with improved reliability. This sensor can be retrofitted in any box trailer. It detects motion or light changes, triggering the OptiLock electronic locking system to send alarms via telematics to your fleet. Covering the entire trailer surface, the sensor provides comprehensive protection, ensuring intruders are detected before they can breach, allowing your fleet valuable time to react, including notifying the authorities for immediate response.

Intelligent and Connected Tarpaulin


Curtain siders and box trailers become smart and connected with Detector™, an award-winning solution that contains Sioen’s Protector technology and ZF’s SCALAR EVO Guard. It combines a multi-layered, knife-resistant tarpaulin with trailer telematics to provide robust cargo protection. Conductive layers on doors, roofs, and sides interface integrated with SCALAR EVO Guard trigger instant alarms, alerting the driver in the cab, the fleet office remotely in real-time, and potential intruders.

On-Board Computer with Anti-Start Function


Begin your journey with enhanced cargo security using our SCALAR EVO Touch on-board computer. Valuable information such as real-time data from tachograph or trailer, and smart functionalities such as track and trace, navigation, and routing, this device provides can be already of great help. In addition, SCALAR Evo Touch features an integrated anti-start function, requiring drivers to enter a PIN code before vehicle activation, providing a fundamental layer of protection against unauthorized usage. This straightforward yet effective measure offers fleet owners a smart choice to prioritize security, ensuring constant control over their assets and establishing a strong foundation for future safety enhancements.

Trailer Telematics


Safeguard your cargo with SCALAR EVO Guard trailer telematics which provides a variety of comprehensive functionalities to track, monitor, and safeguard cargo during transit. With ZF's back-office platform, users can conveniently view the precise position, status, and historical routes of their trailers, which aids in route optimization and logistics efficiency. Moreover, SCALAR EVO Guard connects with OptiLock to remotely inform and alarm drivers and fleet operators in case an attempted burglary is detected.

Furthermore, integrating with OptiLock offers an added layer of security through the connection to EN12830-certified data loggers and remote temperature management ensuring the safe and controlled transport of temperature-sensitive cargo.