TAPA EMEA is delighted to welcome the following companies as 2022 Premier Partners. We thank them for their support and the knowledge, expertise and insight they will share with our members over the course of the year.

All One View is the latest revolutionary product from GGL Security – a long-established provider of supply-chain security and visibility services.

Our AI-driven platform provides a real-time, intermodal freight tracking and security monitoring solution to supply chain companies and their control towers. All One View automates supply chain workflows, compliance, communication, reporting, intelligence gathering and security tasks by integrating data from numerous devices and systems.

The All One View command and control centre, is a high-security facility and is manned 24/7 to control, supervise and coordinate our security and supply chain monitoring programs globally. Using All One View, we monitor and secure road, sea, rail, and air freight from a single platform to agreed security standards.

Our dedicated team will review your requirements, tailoring our product to meet your needs and getting you ready for big projects with minimal capital investment.

All One View can help you achieve optimal supply chain security and end-to-end visibility. We understand the risks and challenges of supply chains – no matter how vast or complex they are. 

Visit All One View website at www.alloneview.com

Keyless access to protect valuable assets as cargo in trailers and swap bodies

Autida’s focus is to reduce the security issues and business disruptions in road transportation with innovative cost-efficient solutions to prevent unauthorized access to valuable assets in Trailers and Swap bodies. 

COOLER-GUARD SYSTEM – the unique integrated keyless protection of trailers and swap bodies

  • – no more locking bolts stuck in deep frozen trailers
  • – no batteries, cables or power supply in the doors
  • – audit trail of locked/unlocked status, geo-position and time
  • – cutting resistant locking bolts and automatic locking when closing doors
  • – supporting the high standard TAPA TSR 1

The continuously change of threats and Modus Operandi requires rapid development capability and a clear understanding to meet the challenges.

Autida’s way of how we work and our short way to action is based on our unique experience and our daily learning. More than 15 different patents in the field of security, locks and access control have been invented by Autida staff and filed by Autida and a global company, the majority after 2015.

We are looking forward to share our experience with you and a new way to secure the Trailers. 

Contact us at: info@autida.com

View website: www.autida.com

At G4S Telematix, we believe our solutions should be directly tied to our customers’ desired business outcomes, when it comes to minimize risks, manage unpredictable events, create efficiencies and finally provide peace of mind. 

With more than 20 years of working experience, we have a deep knowledge of the supply chain industry and we specialize in providing risk consulting, security oriented technology and 24×7 monitoring and response services in Europe and beyond, to both fleets and manufacturers transporting high valuable goods. 

Our risk analysis methodology aims to identify threats during storage and transportation of goods. We perform security audits to define efforts and resources required to mitigate the business risks and awareness trainings in order to equip workforces with the knowledge they need to combat these threats.

When this is coupled with our technology and our network of secure operating centers across 40 countries, managed by our Control Tower, then we offer end-to-end complete solutions to our customers.

We are part of G4S, the world’s leading global security company, and we continuously invest in risk consulting and integrated technology solutions, creating efficiencies, helping people to work in secure environments and business delivering higher profits.

View websitehttps://www.g4stelematix.com/

From day one we knew technology could break down barriers and broaden perspectives. Our very first IP-based video surveillance system was true to that belief. It gave customers more flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. Today, we’re still focused on innovation and committed to helping TAPA members to ensure their operations are efficient, secure and resilient.

From protecting facilities and mapping the location of assets, through to enabling seamless no-touch entry and exit of vehicles from a facility, we help you keep pace with your organisation’s ever-evolving requirements. We do this with Genetec Security Center, our unified platform that helps operators make sense of their environment by taking vast amounts of information and presenting it within a single intuitive interface. 

With video surveillance, access control, and automatic number plate recognition (ALPR), to communications, intrusion detection, and video analytics, Security Center empowers TAPA members through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud. Furthermore, we enable the highest standards of privacy and cybersecurity in everything we bring to the market, simplifying compliance and giving our customers peace of mind. 

We help you work smarter, protect the everyday and simplify your operations.

Visit website Genetec

Locks 4 Vans is regarded as a dynamic and innovative partner for companies looking to secure their supply chain logistics. We exist to help our customers protect their cargo from criminal attack or theft by delivering an award-winning range of locking and shielding solutions for commercial vehicles. 

Cargo crime is on the rise at a staggering rate, and our first response is to anticipate the key areas of vulnerability on a vehicle. Our engineers are pushing boundaries everyday at our Innovation Centre, with R&D programmes that trouble-shoot these areas of weakness. As a result, our forward-thinking range of solutions are developed to improve overall security for HGV’s, box-body vehicles, LCV’s and cargo bikes. By maximising security across the whole logistics journey, a Fleet Manager can dramatically reduce risk and loss.

Our sought-after product range includes L4V Shutter Locks and Cargo Locks for HGV’s / box body vehicles, and Slamlocks, Hook Locks and Externally Mounted Locks for LCV’s. Locks 4 Vans also offers a full suite of shielding products which protect door handles, catalytic converters, wiring looms, brake lights, spare wheels and internal latches.

Locks 4 Vans solutions are used across a range of sectors, including pharmaceutical, retail, logistics, utilities, construction, food and drink and tobacco. Our products are widely accessible too, as we are a trusted supply chain partner to well-known Vehicle Converters across Europe.

We are delighted to be a TAPA EMEA Premier Partner and are wholly committed to effecting change and optimising supply chain resilience. Our team are on hand to discuss your challenges and offer advice on the security solutions available for your fleet. 

Visit www.locks4vans.co.uk/tapa to arrange a free risk assessment.

Since 1993, Multiprotexion has been a one stop-shop provider of satellite and active video surveillance security for the transportation and warehouses sector, focused on preventing events such as thefts and robberies.

We closely work with producers of high value goods in fashion, technology, tobacco, food and pharmaceutical sectors. To meet the needs of these customers, Multiprotexion has developed customized security procedures that draw upon our long experience. In addition to its headquarters in Gropello Cairoli – south of Milan – (Italy), the company has a sales office in Westerlo (Belgium) and an R&D Innovation Center Office in Bolzano (Italy).

Its multiplatform Operations Center operates 24/7, is staffed exclusively by Certified Security Guards (GPG) – who are specialists in the remote monitoring – and daily manages goods for about 100.000.000 €. It also offers multilingual services (18 languages spoken) and – thanks to its international partner network – Multiprotexion is able to detect and manage alarms generated throughout Europe (EU 28). 

Thanks to our procedures and predictive technologies, in the last year our success rate was 100% on building facilities and 95% on trucks.

All of this confirms our mission: “MAKING THE WORLD A SAFER PLACE, TODAY & TOMORROW”

Visit website Multiprotection

Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence is a dynamic world leader in risk assessment and planning, specialising in threat analysis on land, in ports and at sea. Risk Intelligence specialises in the analysis of threats from and interaction between cargo theft, organised crime, terrorism, insurgency, piracy, and military conflicts, and launched the Risk Intelligence System in 2008 – a fully integrated risk assessment and planning tool.

The Risk Intelligence System offers clients a complete picture of immediate, short-, and medium-term security risks for port and landside threats through two of its three modules, PortRisk and LandRisk Logistics – enabling complete situational awareness through route overviews, threat assessments and incident alerts.

LandRisk Logistics

LandRisk Logistics is designed to meet the security and risk planning needs of cargo owners and logistics companies producing and transporting goods throughout Europe, and forms part of the Risk Intelligence System. The solution visualises and interprets security threats specific to the client’s selected lanes, while simultaneously providing oversight on multiple logistics lanes.

LandRisk Logistics serves the complex security needs of logisticians, and supports both strategic planning of multiple logistics lanes, and fast, tactical response to arising threats and the need for secure rerouting. The solution is also benchmarked against industry best practice and international guidelines and is built to support organisations in complying with compliance standards such as ISO 28000 and TAPA TSR.

Watch our video:

What is LandRisk Logistics


Jim Pascoe, CCO

+45 51 96 55 91


Visit website: riskintelligence.eu


Imbema helps organizations in industry, the energy sector, and transport and logistics to create safe, efficient working environments. The Transport & Logistics sector of Imbema can help everyone who wants to hit the roads as safely and efficiently as possible. With our expertise and offering, from body construction parts to cargo bars, we can improve the safety of your fleet, cargo and people on the road. 


Under the brand SBS we have a broad offering of (electronic) locks, shipment integrity and monitoring solutions. We help to increase security, monitoring and efficiency of transportation, cargo and shipments. Our solutions are developed in collaboration with customers and suppliers.


The video shows the solution we have provided to one of our customers in pharma transport, who has obtained TAPA TSR certification. 


In our Service Centre, we are constantly working to develop and improve our SBS locks, as this enables us to guarantee high quality. Are you looking for a customized solution? Then you’ve come to the right place! And of course, our experts keep up to date with the latest safety requirements that your solution needs to meet in order to pass certifications with flying colors. 

Visit website Imbema

The Cargo Security Company provides qualified and certified security officers to provide armed and unarmed cargo security escorts for global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.

The vehicles that we used on secure operations are fitted with professional tracking systems, panic button and live streaming cameras ensuring they can be monitored real-time from our own in-house ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and EN 50518/UL 827 certified Alarm Monitoring Center (AMC), whilst they are in transit.

Via our 24/7 certified AMC we offer truck monitoring solutions that provide organizations with complete cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination. Using our customized asset monitoring portal Truck.Watch we can real time monitoring your high value, high risks or temperature controlled cargo anywhere in the supply chain.

The Cargo Security.Company features a large European network of security entities who are able to act on the spot in the event of an (imminent) incident. We have been building and maintaining our network for the past 15 years and pride ourselves on providing outstanding service in cooperation with security partners and law enforcement agencies all over Europe.

Visit website The Cargo Security Company

Thruvision is a leading provider of “safe distance” people-screening security technology to the global supply chain industry.

Thruvision’s cameras are uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic items hidden in clothing, including cosmetics, tobacco, electronics, medicines, clothing and accessories. Reducing theft and protecting employees, Thruvision allows security personnel to ‘visualise’ hidden items as small as 2cm x 2cm at a COVID-safe distance of 3 metres.

Using patented passive terahertz technology, Thruvision completely removes the need for physical employee “pat-downs”, metal detection or wanding and empowers security personnel with a fast, safe and effective security tool. 

Thruvision is deployed globally in 20+ countries and is used by some of world’s best known companies including:

  • 3rd party logistics (3PL) including, CEVA Logistics, DPD, FED EX, Hermes Parcel Net, Clipper Logistics, DHL, XPO Logistics and Ingram Micro.
  • Retailers including Next, Morrisons, Boots, JD Sports, BooHoo, ASOS, Farfetch and Sports Direct.

Thruvision has been vetted and approved by the US Transportation Security Administration for surface transportation and is deployed at a variety of airport and transport locations as well as within government facilities. Thruvision is headquartered near Oxford, UK, and in Washington, DC.

For further information please visit our website https://thruvision.com/ or contact Alex Brundle, Vice President Sales, Profit Protection alex.brundle@thruvision.com

Titan Aviation Group specialises in all aspects of Aviation Security (AVSEC), K9 Screening, Aviation Training -SACAA Avsec Cargo /DG and Airport Compliance. Our main facility at O.R Tambo International Airport (South Africa) is one of the most secure National Key Points. We are experts in Imports/exports concentrating on high-value cargo movements, securing and specialised charter flights.

Titan Aviation Group provides a comprehensive range of aviation security services being an accredited Regulated agent, having a K9 unit, and processing high-value cargo directly from and on to the airside. Titan Aviation groups k9 /tactical unit are the Winners of a few awards at the inaugural Civil Aviation Industry Awards presented by the South African Civil Aviation Authority and Airports Company South Africa. Our facilities are bonded with the South African Receiver of Revenue (SARS) locally and comply with all international standards as prescribed by ICAO.

Who is Titan Aviation group? 

We are a dynamic team of aviation experts, including SACAA inspectors, SAPS, AIRLINES/SAA Cargo, SPECIAL TASK FORCE POLICE, DENEL/CSIR, ICAO instructors.

A motivated team and unique products and services make Titan Aviation group the one-stop Aviation group covering all areas in the aviation sector, concentrating on RISK, THREAT, and VULNERABILITY areas.

The Team’s services are always available 24/7 to service client needs and provide solutions. 

Website: www.titanaviationgroup.com

Most supply chain communication platforms are using slogans like Supply Chain Transparency, Intelligent Risk Management, Crystal Clear Visibility …

It looks almost like a new trend to use fancy slogans, but how about real-time Security Monitoring and an Effective 24/7 incident response?

Natural Transparency and Visibility is very important and indispensable for an end-to-end supply chain platform, but isn’t it useless without an adequate alarm response?

We are convinced that 24/7 real-time supply chain visibility is critical for complex global manufacturers, logistics providers and freight carriers of high value, high risks products moving in supply chains in Europe.

If you manufacture or provide transport and logistics services for high risks products, 24/7 real time Truck monitoring combined with an adequate professional European-wide response should be critical to the success of your business.

With the Truck.Watch platform your transports becomes 24/7 visible for the Alarm Monitoring & Intervention Center (AMC) that’s real time monitoring your high value, high risks or temperature controlled cargo.

With a broad range of API technologies and TMS integrations the Truck.Watch portal is safeguarding your goods and protecting your business reputation.

Visit website Truck Watch

ZF is a global technology company and supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility.

ZF allows vehicles to see, think and act. In the four technology domains “Vehicle Motion Control”, “Integrated Safety”, “Automated Driving” and “Electric Mobility”, ZF offers comprehensive solutions for established vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging transport and mobility service providers. ZF electrifies different kinds of vehicles. With its products, the company contributes to reducing emissions and protecting the climate.

ZF, which acquired WABCO Holdings Inc. on May 29th, 2020, now has 160,000 employees worldwide with approximately 260 locations in 41 countries. In 2019, the two then-independent companies achieved sales of €36.5 billion (ZF) and $3.4 billion (WABCO).

ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s leading aftermarket and fleet solutions portfolio is built on its strong brands: Lemförder, Sachs, TRW and WABCO. A broad product and service offering, advanced connectivity solutions for digital mobility management and a global service network, support and enhance the performance and efficiency of all vehicle types throughout their life cycle. The company’s aftermarket organization is both an architect and pacesetter for the Next-Generation Aftermarket and the preferred partner for fleet and aftermarket customers worldwide.

Visit website ZF Friedrichshafen AG

TAPA EMEA Logistics Partner 2022

HAMMER GMBH & CO. KG – Advanced Logistics – Intelligent, tailor-made logistics solutions

A professional partner every step of the way

We offer tailor-made logistics solutions based on strong & lean processes that match your needs exactly. Our solutions range from simple transportation to complex strategies throughout the entire supply chain. In addition to our traditional values, we are always at the forefront of technological innovation to offer you the highest level of service and quality. Through us you benefit from a worldwide network of selected Partners and quick deliveries thanks to our own fleet.

PREMIUM CARGO – Safety that can be planned!

In particular for high-value and safety-sensitive goods it is absolutely essential, to prevent theft, damage or loss. Here tailor-made safety concepts are crucial for success.

With the four-stage safety programme of Premium Cargo you are offered a safe solution from one hand – from individual parts to full truck load. Safety standards exactly adaptable to your specific requirements around storage, packaging of assembly groups and transport guarantee you optimal safety in every phase. Of cause Hammer is certified according to the current 2020 revision FSR categorie A & TSR Level 1&2 standards.


After detailed discussions on packaging, safety and transport optimization, our specialists will work out an integrated concept for you. From high-quality basic performances to excellent safety modules e.g. safety escorts by an accredited security service including direct delivery at any selectable time by our qualified personnel. This is the only way to rule out risky transshipments, hubs or waiting times.

Your personal key-account manager will gladly advise and assist you in every phase of your project – 7 days a week and around the clock. With Premium Cargo you get exactly the safety packet, which you need especially for your requirements.

Visit website Hammer GmbH & Co

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