Parking Security Requirements (PSR)

Trucks parked in unclassified or unsecured parking places are daily involved in many of the thousands of cargo losses reported to the TAPA EMEA Intelligence Service (TIS) in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region every year, and involve thefts of products valued at tens of millions of euros.

These crimes are exacerbated by the severe lack of secured parking places in the region. TAPA EMEA has identified a need for a further 400,000 secure parking places at another 2,000 sites, a level of demand which presents a significant growth opportunity for Parking Place Operators (PPOs) meeting the required levels of supply chain security.

The Parking Security Requirements (PSR) are TAPA EMEA’s contribution to addressing this problem. Developed in consultation with the buyers of truck parking places, the Standard leverages the Association’s 20+ years’ experience of providing industry standards which help prevent losses from supply chains. 

TAPA EMEA revised the PSR Standard in 2023. It is now the most-adopted secure parking standard by PPOs in the EMEA region, although the level of supply is likely to fall well below demand for many years to come. 


The PSR Standard specifies:

  • minimum acceptable security standards
  • methods to be used to maintaining these standards
  • processes and specifications to be met by Parking Place Operators to achieve 

  TAPA EMEA PSR certification for their parking locations

PPOs which meet the required Standard will have their approved sites listed in TAPA EMEA’s secure truck parking database. This forms part of the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System which allows Manufacturers & Shippers and Logistics Service Providers to plan secure transportation routes by using incident intelligence and mapping tools to avoid cargo crime ‘hotspots’ and to identify secure truck parking places.   

TAPA EMEA’s secure truck parking database includes contact information for each site for bookings and enquiries, and information of the facilities available at each site. Currently, this covers sites in:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom 
  • There are three ways Parking Place Operators can join TAPA EMEA’s secure parking programme:

    1. Parking Security Partner

    Sign a declaration to become a TAPA PSR Partner to confirm basic security controls are in place. Participation must be renewed annually.

    2. Self-Certification

    A self-certification audit to meet the requirements of PSR Level 3 and issuing of TAPA EMEA certification, valid for 3 years. Sample audits will be conducted of self-certified sites.

    3. Independent Audit Body (IAB) Certification (Levels 1, 2 and 3)

    The full PSR programme has three options, with certification by a TAPA EMEA-approved Independent Audit Body (IAB):

    • PSR Level 1 = highest security protection with a formal certification
    • PSR Level 2 = mid-level security protection with a formal certification
    • PSR Level 3 = lowest security protection with a formal certification


    TAPA EMEA offers an online training course for Parking Place Operators to support their preparations to join the Parking Security Requirements certification programme.

  • TAPA EMEA’s audit forms support companies working to achieve Parking Security Requirements’ (PSR) certification.

    Following the latest update to our audit templates, TAPA EMEA is only able to accept the updated template forms, which can be downloaded in the PSR Download section on this webpage.

    In the Download section below, you will also find a User Guide which explains how to use the new audit forms. Please read these instructions before proceeding with processing the forms. Also, the first tab of the audit forms’ Excel file provides a detailed explanation of its usage.

    Our updated templates simplify the processing, tracking and archiving of TAPA EMEA Standards’ audit forms and offers a series of benefits:

    • Intent of the requirement – by moving the cursor to the requirement, its intent (all fields with a red triangle) is displayed.
    • Due to privacy policy issues, the question column has been frozen to restrict copying/pasting.
    • To minimise macros in the template, the reviewer part has been removed.
    • The updated version of the Security Corrective Action Requirement (SCAR) and Waiver Document are attached with the BI Sheet.
    • Members’ suggestions – and necessary modifications received and noticed – are incorporated in this template.


    The new PSR audit template package is now available for members and can be downloaded by using the button below.

    Further answers on the use and handling of the audit form can be found in the audit tutorial on the right.

    Please note, the content of these documents is copyright protected and cannot be reproduced without the permission of TAPA EMEA.

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Parking Security Requirements (PSR)

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Guided virtual training, introducing the new SSTPA requirements (Save and Secure Truck Parking Areas) from the European Commision.

The European Commission (EC) has approved TAPA EMEA as an official training centre for its Safe & Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPA) Standard to support the development of a network of safe and secure parking areas throughout the EU, improving resting conditions for drivers and protecting them from violence and cargo crime.

Comparable to TAPA’s PSR (Parking Security Requirements) the SSTPA training course is designed for representatives of Parking Place Operators and companies whose supply chain resilience relies on safe and secure parking. 

11 September 2024, 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT+02:00)
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TAPA EMEA: PSR 2023 Standard Online Training

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  • TAPA EMEA Parking Security Requirements PSR 2023

    pdf – 2.43 MB
  • EC SSTPA Requirements Overview Support Document

    pdf – 742.94 KB
  • Membership and Certification

    pdf – 55.84 KB
  • TAPA EMEA PSR brochure April 2021

    pdf – 932.49 KB
  • Webinar Secure Truck Parking, It’s Time For Action

    pdf – 1.68 MB
  • Press Release

    pdf – 544.45 KB
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
Parking Security Requirements (PSR)