FSR, TSR & PSR training courses 

TAPA EMEA provides training courses to help members and non-member companies implementing the Association’s Security Standards. 

Training courses are available for:

  • Facility Security Requirements (FSR)
  • Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) 
  • Parking Security Requirements 
Important training information
  • TAPA Training is required for all staff integrating the 2020 versions of TAPA’s FSR or TSR Standards into their jobs. This applies to new company joiners as well as employees who have already been trained in the previous versions of the TAPA Standards. Only after completing a TAPA training, and passing the relevant examination, are trainees qualified to support audits for the current versions of the TAPA Standards.
  • There are no refresher training courses available for the current FSR and TSR Standards, so participation in a 2020 Standard training course is mandatory for anyone whose previous training has expired.
Virtual training courses

To make TAPA EMEA’s training courses as accessible and flexible as possible, and to help accelerate the number of companies seeking TAPA Security Standards’ certifications, the Association now offers virtual online training courses for its Facility Security Requirements (FSR), Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) and Parking Security Requirements (PSR).

Train at your own pace

The new training courses allow participants to train at their own pace and to accommodate their training around the demands of their jobs. Simply register for your chosen training course and, once the approval process is completed, you will be assigned your place on the course.

Workshop webinars

TAPA EMEA offers monthly webinars to assist in the training process and to answer questions raised by training participants. The workshops also present ‘case studies’ which will form part of the training material. To attend a workshop webinar, you simply need to register using the contact form below for our Standards & Training Team. 

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions whilst working through the course, simply post them using the ‘Messages’ tab available in the training tool. TAPA EMEA’s Training & Standards Team will aim to provides answers during the monthly training workshop webinars.


TAPA Security Standards’ training is module based. After completing the final module, each participant is asked to complete the course by taking an exam. You will automatically receive your training certificate if you pass. All the information you require to successfully pass the exam will be contained in the TAPA Standards and supporting materials, which you should have downloaded before starting your training. 

Next Steps

To start your training, all you need to do is register for the course you wish to take from the list below. Training places are subject to final approval and payment (if required). Once your place is confirmed, you will receive a link to begin. 

*Please Note

After you apply to join a TAPA training course, several checks will be carried out, including your membership/non-membership entity status, and to see if any fees are required or any payments are outstanding. If any action is required, you will be asked to complete this before being assigned to your chosen training course. 

TAPA EMEA & IRU Driver Training

TAPA EMEA has partnered with the IRU Academy to develop an online e-learning course to help drivers minimise security risks throughout transport operations. The course raises awareness of the risks of cargo theft but also covers security risks, such as illegal immigration and smuggling. More information about the IRU Academy can be found here

TAPA EMEA is also able to provide individual and tailor-made driver training courses adapted to your specific needs. For further information, please contact TAPA EMEA

Remote Auditing Training 

TAPA EMEA also offers a Remote Virtual Auditing (RVA) Training to provides independent professional guidance to support the use of the TAPA EMEA RVA procedure. This will help participants to: 

  • Perform a risk assessment to verify if remote auditing is feasible
  • Plan an effective remote audit
  • Prepare for the audit, and create a remote audit plan, and plan the routes for site audit tours
  • Know and use remote auditing techniques; photographs; audit through screen shares; synchronous and asynchronous video
  • Become familiar with issues that can arise and learn how to solve them
  • Maximise time usage to ensure a thorough and effective audit is conducted

To request information on the next Remote Virtual Auditing training course, contact us

TAPA EMEA training fees

TAPA EMEA offers free Security Standards training to members as part of their annual membership for the Association’s Facility Security Requirements (FSR), Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) and Parking Security Requirements (PSR).   

The following training allocations are available to the registered representatives of TAPA EMEA member companies: 

  • Manufacturers & Shippers    – 3 representatives
  • Logistics Service Providers  – 3 representatives
  • Insurers                                  – 3 representatives
  • Security Service Providers   – 2 representatives
  • Consultants (No Products)   – 2 representatives
  • Parking Place Operators      – 1 representative

Outside of these allocations, TAPA EMEA members can buy additional places on our regional training courses at a cost of €200,00 per person, plus VAT (if applicable).

For non-members, TAPA EMEA training courses cost €1499,00 per course, per person, plus VAT (if applicable). 


How can we help you?

Our Standards Team will answer any questions you have about the TAPA Security Standards. You can contact the team directly using the Standards Question Submission Form.
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