TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) is a data and mapping tool which helps members to source intelligence on cargo thefts to help protect the resilience of their supply chains.

The IIS database does not request any company information when collecting information on cargo losses. Victims of losses remain anonymous.

For each incident reported to TAPA’s IIS, entries can be made for:

  • Date of incident
  • Type of incident, i.e. Theft from Trailer
  • Type of M.O used, i.e. Deceptive Pick Up
  • Type of location, i.e. Destination Facility
  • Products stolen/targeted
  • Loss value
  • Incident description
  • Media report link
  • Address where the crime took place
  • Country

To see how TAPA’s IIS works, please take a moment to watch our IIS Explainer Video.

TAPA members use IIS to protect the security of their drivers, vehicles and customers’ products. The intelligence they gather from the searchable IIS database enables them to avoid cargo thefts hotspots and plan the most secure transportation routes.

IIS also integrates with TAPA’s Secure Parking Online Tool, helping transport planners to see and select secure truck parking locations on their chosen routes for when drivers are required to take mandatory rest breaks. You can watch our Secure Parking Online Tool Explainer Video now.

The IIS database collates cargo crime intelligence from:

  • TAPA members
  • Insurers
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Media sources

As well as the searchable IIS intelligence database, TAPA also uses incident data to provide members with:

  • Incident alerts of major crimes or to provide security intelligence
  • A monthly report in TAPA’s Vigilant e-Magazine
  • Quarterly IIS intelligence reports
  • The IIS Annual Report

TAPA’s IIS is widely respected as one of the most effective cargo crime intelligence tools and an effective contributor to loss prevention and supply chain resilience.

TAPA members can also use IIS to identify and contact law enforcement agencies in the EMEA region.

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Visitors can view the TAPA IIS public database. For full access to TAPA’s Incident Information Service become a member of TAPA EMEA.

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