What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?

On 14 & 15 September 2023 in Copenhagen, TAPA EMEA hosts a special audience of supply chain resilience stakeholders to listen to and discuss the latest trends and challenges impacting companies operating in the Nordic countries.

Inspired by the high level of recorded cargo crime in Sweden as well as the need to source more intelligence on supply chain risks in Denmark, Finland, and Norway, the Association’s latest Regional Conference aims to help delegates understand both the threats to supply chain resilience and the available solutions to counter criminal activities and other causes of disruption…     

TAPA EMEA is delighted to announce the agenda for our RESILIENCE@RISK Nordics Regional Conference at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center.

You can only hear this outstanding line-up of speakers & panellists if you register for this event, and delegate places are now running out fast.

REGISTER NOW: https://conference.tapaemea.org/

Day 1, 14 September 2023

Key timings:

  • 12.00hrs – Networking lunch
  • 13.00hrs – Conference begins
  • 15.00hrs – Networking break
  • 17:15hrs – Day 1 of conference ends
  • 17.15 – 20.00hrs – Speakers & delegates networking reception  

Session 1 

Welcome & introduction to TAPA EMEA, our supply chain security standards, training, and TIS cargo crime intelligence system 

As the leading supply chain security and resilience industry Association in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region, TAPA EMEA has nearly 1,000 company members across the end-to-end supply chain, from manufacturers and logistics service providers to insurers, security service providers, secure parking operators, plus some 300 law enforcement contacts.

This opening session by members of the TAPA EMEA leadership team will outline the Association’s role and objectives and provide insights into its security standards to protect facilities, trucking operations and secure parking sites, its training courses, and the vital cargo crime information and loss prevention insights available from the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS).   


  • Marcel Saarloos – Chair, TAPA EMEA                           
  • Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO, TAPA EMEA
  • Markus Prinz, Senior Manager, Training & Standards, TAPA EMEA

Session 2

Keynote presentation

Speaker: Leonie Buthey, , A.P. Moller – Maersk 

TAPA EMEA’s Nordics Regional Conference will hear from one of the world’s leading integrated logistics companies, A.P. Moller – Maersk, which operates in more than 130 countries and employs over 100,000 people. Headquartered in Denmark, the company deploys over 700 container vessels and operates over 7 million square metres of warehouse space at more than 450 sites globally. Delegates will hear A. P. Moller – Maersk’s views on supply chain resilience challenges and gain an insight into its approach to maintaining the highest levels of supply chain security.    

Speaker profile: Leonie Buthey spent over 16 years with Philip Morris International in senior security roles including Manager Security Asia and Regional Security Manager Europe & Global Manager Corporate Security. She joined Amazon in 2019, latterly as Senior Manager Security Supply Chain & Transportation in Luxembourg, and, prior to taking up her current post, served as Regional Security Manager at Louis Vuitton in France.   

Session 3

NSAB 2015 in a loss prevention perspective

Speaker: Rasmus Køie, Head of the Legal Department of The Danish Freight Forwarders Association 

The General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders – NSAB 2015 – is widely implemented in logistics contracts throughout the Nordic freight forwarding industry. This presentation will give an insight into its historic background, the scope of application, and the basic content of the conditions. It will also offer a perspective on issues regarding insurance and the potential need for further contractual foundation between parties, both the relationship between a freight forwarder and its customers as well as subcontractors, in a quest to eliminate misunderstandings which may lead to disappointed expectations and bad business relations.

Speaker profile: Rasmus Køie is Head of the Legal Department of The Danish Freight Forwarders Association and is also Managing Attorney-at-Law (with the right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court) at Momentum Lawfirm. Rasmus Køie has been with the The Danish Freight Forwarders Association since 2001, and has, in that capacity, been appointed as negotiating party regarding the revision of NSAB (2015). He has extensive knowledge of the logistics business, especially regarding litigation, contract negotiation, and as general legal advisor within his primary fields of expertise: logistics; road, air, sea, rail and multimodal transports as well as insurance and customs related issues.

Session 4 

Lessons from a nation state hacking group’s attack on a large multi-national

Speaker: Petri Kuivala, CISO Advisor, Hoxhunt

In the world of cyber security, multi-national companies are increasingly aware that however resilient their own in-house security protocols and systems may be, they are only as strong as their weakest link. With end-to-end supply chains featuring multiple contracted and outsourced suppliers – from global entities to smaller SME transport and logistics providers – smaller suppliers are increasingly vulnerable to becoming a hacking group target as a ‘doorway’ into big client organisations. So, are you doing enough to protect your own business and client relationships? 

Speaker profile: Petri Kuivala is a highly experienced and accomplished CISO who led the establishment of the function at Nokia Corporation in 2008, where he later served as CSO until 2012. He went on to establish and oversee the CISO function at NXP Semiconductors until 2021, and is now CISO Advisor to cybersecurity training organisation, Hoxhunt.

Petri has considerable experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, having worked with companies including Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Siemens, and has also dealt with various security challenges, such as defending against nation state attackers, corporate espionage, and OT-security catastrophes. He has managed large-scale programmes to secure company and national assets, including Crown Jewels, covering OT-Security, Supply Chain Security, and broader Cyber Security. He currently coaches several start-up companies and was also a founding member of the Helsinki Police Department IT-Crime unit. In his presentation, he will discuss what happens when a global business organisation is targeted by a nation state hacker group, what are the learnings, and how can these be applied to supply chains resilience.

Session 5

Cybersecurity within the transportation logistic eco-system 

Speaker: Tomas Bodeklint, Research and Business Developer, Safety and Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Cybersecurity attacks are rising, and they affect the whole of society, with sometimes serious consequences. To battle these threats and increase resilience in society, authorities and regulators are now starting to apply requirements for cybersecurity. Transport logistics is a complex eco-system with many different stakeholders involved and most regulations and requirements today tend to apply only to a single stakeholder in the transport logistics chain, for example to a transport carrier.  But how do we secure the whole Transport Logistics eco-system?

Speaker profile: Tomas has over 30 years’ experience in wireless technologies and electromagnetic compatibility(EMC). He has expertise in both testing and validation, together with long-time work in regulatory approvals and certifications. He has been actively involved in standardisation at both national and international levels. Tomas co-ordinates the RISE Cyber Test Lab, which focuses on research, testing, and validation of cybersecurity within different verticals like automotive and transportation.

Session 6

Cargo crime and supply chain risks in Denmark – the LEA perspective

Speaker: Lars Haugaard Thomsen, Coordinator/Special Consultant, Danish Police

The TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS) has received reports of only some 100 cargo theft incidents in the last two years in Denmark but, as in the rest of EMEA, it is clear most criminal attacks on supply chains are still not being reported to the Association. So, how great is the threat to supply chains operating in Denmark and what intelligence do law enforcement agencies have to share to help companies mitigate risks?  

Speaker profile: Lars Haugaard Thomsen is a Coordinator/Special Consultant with Danish Police. He will be sharing insights based on his work for South Jutland Police, Special Border Police Unit West, the Joint Border Analysis Team, and the Police and Customs Cooperation Center. 

Session 7 

Q&A session to close Day 1

Moderated by conference host Sam Pauly, this final session of Day 1 will invite our speakers back to the stage to answer questions from our audience of supply chain security and resilience stakeholders. 

Speakers & Delegates’ Networking Reception  

Following the end of the formal conference sessions on Day 1, all speakers and delegates will be invited to join a Networking Reception, hosted by TAPA EMEA. 

Day 2, 15 September 2023

Key timings:

  • 08.00hrs – Networking opportunity
  • 09.00hrs – Conference begins
  • 10.20hrs – Networking break
  • 12.30hrs – Conference ends
  • 12.30hrs – Networking lunch for speakers, panellists and delegates   

Session 1 

Welcome back and kick-off Day 2

PresentersMarcel Saarloos, Chair of TAPA EMEA & Sam Pauly, Conference Moderator

Session 2

Preventing cargo thefts in Sweden

Speaker: Damir Celebic, Investigator, Regional Crime Coordination Unit, Swedish Police Authority

In the two years up to 1 July 2023, 1,843 freight theft crimes in Sweden were reported to the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS), up 164.4% versus the previous 2-year period. This may well be a clear indicator of a rising level of attacks on supply chains, but it’s more likely to be an indicator that the efforts of Swedish businesses, the country’s insurance industry, and the Swedish Police Authority, are working effectively to gather and share more information on cargo crime, and to help companies protect their operations from an attack. So, how is this public-private initiative progressing?

Speaker profile: Damir Celebic from the Swedish Police Authority will discuss how Swedish Police, insurance companies, the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies, and other stakeholders have collaborated with a goal to decrease cargo thefts and increase safety on Swedish roads. His presentation will give an overview of cargo thefts in Sweden and the activities that are conducted within the public-private partnership and discuss future Road Collaboration activities.

Session 3:

A Nordic-based freight forwarders’ view on present cargo crime risks & issues related to goods during carriage

Speaker: Leif Pedersen, Claims Manager, FREJA Transport & Logistics

This presentation will include a brief summary of Leif’s experiences of cargo crime during the last 45 year in the transport industry, leading onto an overview of the 2023 situation of cargo crime and cargo crime prevention. This will include related threats to supply chains (migrants/fraud/food security/IT security) from his perspective as a Claims Manager. He will also explain how FREJA benefits from its membership of TAPA EMEA and uses tools provided by the Association to reduce risk. 

Speaker profile: Leif began his career in the road transport industry in 1977, starting as an office apprentice before 8 years as a truck driver and, later, going on to the dispatcher’s chair for the last 15 years and working with insurance and claims-related matters, including loss preventing issues. 

Session 4

Challenges in the Scandinavian market & how to make supply chains more secure 

Speaker: Rytis Gilys, Senior Manager, RV Transport

What are the day-to-day security and resilience challenges for transport companies moving cargoes in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland? This presentation will give a first hand account of working in these markets and discuss the various risks to supply chain operations from criminals, the lack of secure parking places, and disruption from often extreme weather conditions.

Speaker profile: Rytis joined RV Transport – a major transport provider serving the Scandinavian market – seven years ago, initially as a transport manager and then as client manager. For the last three years, in the role of quality manager, he has been responsible for GDP, ISO, and IFS audits, with the added responsibility of Supply Chain & Security Manager. 

Session 5

Border crossing: what happened in history? The result & relevance of Swedish Customs

Speaker: Oscar Lindvall, Deputy Head of Swedish Customs Control Unit, Southern Sweden

This presentation will look at the mission of Swedish Customs, a pioneer in the art of finding stolen vehicles and items. It will discuss possible outcomes in the near future combined with a brief throwback into the history of the 1990s. When Sweden entered the European Union in 1995, and later the Schengen Agreement in 2001, no Customs Controls were supposed to be required and certainly no passport or documents were needed for any kind of Border Inspection. Events soon changed those predictions and altered the course of history. Criminals – many times organised – used the liberty of crossing borders to smuggle contraband, cash to money launder, and last, but not least, stolen vehicles and goods. Swedish Customs has subsequently been reborn and has a key role in battling organised crime. This is done by monitoring cargo transports not only in the third country´s traffic, but also what is transported into and out from Sweden intra EU. 

Speaker profile: Oscar Lindvall has been a leading customs specialist since 2006, starting as a criminal investigator with Swedish Customs Law Enforcement in Malmö, and later as Liaison Officer, Swedish Customs, in Denmark, and as Liaison Officer representing Swedish and the other Nordic countries’ Customs and Police (PTN) in Russia and Belarus, based in Moscow. Prior to taking up his current role in 2021, he spent some eight years as Prosecutor of Swedish Customs and Head of Department of Prosecutors of Swedish Customs, southern region.   

Session 6 

A long-term sustainable, resilient & secure supply chain; examples and results

Speaker: Björn Paulsson, Transport Expert, Sicopa


  • Anders Stennabba, Casa Delivery OY, Finland and Sweden, Last Mile Expert
  • Per Hansson, Boozt.com, Sweden, First & Middle Mile Expert
  • Daniel Hugosson, Elgiganten Logistik, Nordics & Europe, Logistics Security Expert
  • Dag Erik Eng, Kingsröd Transport AS, Europe, Haulage Expert

Sustainability work pervades the agendas of many companies, mainly linked to economy & climate, but also the social aspect. Can we through this already approved and accepted agenda create shortcuts to more secure logistics for goods and personnel? Through strategic and sustained work, some players in the market have shown that thefts and incidents have drastically reduced when the necessary and deep control required in sustainability work has been taken.

This presentation and discussion will present actual cases and ongoing initiatives that promote resilience and discuss which additional dimensions to take into account in the continued work for a long-term sustainable, resilient & secure supply chain.

Speaker & panellist profiles:

  • Björn Paulsson is a transport expert and entrepreneur with +20 years of supply chain experience in the Nordics & Europe. He is based in Sweden.
  • Anders Stennabba is a serial entrepreneur based in Finland with +20 years of experience of supply chain operations in the Nordics & Europe, with a high focus on last mile transport.
  • Per Hansson is a first & middle mile Expert and an experienced logistician with a high knowledge of warehouse and transport operations within the FMCG sector. His focus is on value-creating networks, and he works as a Fullfilment Director in fashion logistics, based in Sweden.
  • Daniel Hugosson is a logistics security expert based in Sweden with extensive experience in security and serious crime. He spent 10 years in the Swedish Police as a criminal investigator and 5 years as loss prevention manager within transport & warehouse operations. 
  • Dag Erik Eng works as COO at Kingsröd Transport, based in Norway, and has longstanding experience in the operation and development of haulage services with a strong operational & resilience focus.

Session 7

Supply Chain Resilience – the research perspective

Speaker: Daniel Ekwall, Professor, University of Borås, Sweden

Supply chain resilience refers to the capacity of a system to endure and rebound from disruptions. This involves elements such as adaptability and strength that are typically incorporated within the concept of resilience. Approaches like decentralisation and adopting a systems perspective are often utilised. In this presentation, a grassroots methodology is adopted, centring on the risk management strategies and tools of individual participants. This methodology aims to develop a holistic outlook on the entire supply chain from the ground up. The emphasis lies in understanding the dynamics among diverse participants within the system. Crucially, each participant is driven by distinct incentives that influence their contributions towards enhancing a particular supply chain’s ability to generate value for the end user.

Speaker profile: Daniel Ekwall (Ph.D) is Professor at the University of Borås, Associate Professor at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki and also Associate Professor in Supply Chain Security at

the Turku School of Economics. Daniel is also the former head of global security at DB Schenker. He has published articles in leading academic journals such as International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, AUTEX Research Journal, Security Journal, World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, Journal of Transportation Security, International Journal of Retail and Physical Distribution, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, and Transportation Journal. Daniel is currently doing research in risk management issues linked to logistics and business.

Close of conference

TAPA EMEA RESILIENCE@RISK Nordics Regional Conference closing summary 

Networking Lunch

The event will end with a networking lunch for speakers, panellists, and delegates.

TAPA EMEA wishes to acknowledge the support of all speakers and panellists.

What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?
What’s on our Nordics Conference Agenda?