To implement TAPA’s Security Standards, non-members are required to pay a certification administration fee for the processing of non-member audits. This allows the certificate to be issued by an Independent Audit Body (IAB) and enables the certified companies details to be posted on the TAPA website so that members requiring services may find their information.

The administration fee for IAB certificates is €499.00 plus VAT (if applicable) per audit. Your IAB will contact you regarding this during the certification process.

The administration fee for non-member self-certification is €250.00 plus VAT (if applicable) per audit.

Please note the 2020 revision of TAPA FSR and TSR Standards requires that a Logistics Service Provider/Applicant has a TAPA-trained person in place in their organisation before FSR/TSR 2020 certification audits can be performed. Once they have been joined one of TAPA’s Standards training courses, and passed the relevant exam, they will be classified as an LSP Authorised Auditor (LSP AA).

More information can be found on the page courses and fees.

Alternatively, by joining TAPA EMEA you can benefit from these services as they are free to members, alongside a host of other benefits to improve your supply chain resilience.

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