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Soon Available the IIS Cargo Incident Annual Report 2021. Send in your incident data till 20 January 2022

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TAPA’s Security Standards are respected globally as the best-in-class industry standards for supply chain resilience.

These unique, minimum security requirements have been created by the industry, for the industry and are revised every three years in consultation with TAPA’s members and approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs) to ensure they are fit-for-purpose to address all current and emerging supply chain security risks, and to identify improvements which optimise the Standards’ effectiveness and efficiency for global supply chains.

The number of TAPA certifications in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region is now at its highest level in the Association’s 24-year history.

In the EMEA region, TAPA offers 3 industry standards:

  • FSR – Facility Security Requirements
  • TSR – Trucking Security Requirements
  • PSR – Parking Security Requirements

TAPA’s Standards’ programme offers three levels of certification by the Association’s approved Independent Audit Bodies as well as a Self-Certification option. Non-member companies may also achieve certification after completing the appropriate TAPA training course.

TAPA’s Security Standards act as a worldwide benchmark for supply chain security and resilience, providing guidance, processes and tools which reduce loss exposure, protect assets, help to keep staff safe, and save costs. This is achieved by introducing and maintaining common standards for supply chain security measures.

Users of the Standards are certified by a number of Independent Audit Bodies which ensures certifications are meaningful and can be trusted. Support for organisations using the TAPA Standards comes from within the supply chain industry, by Government agencies and the insurance industry. If you are not already convinced that TAPA Standards are the solution for your business please contact us

Our Standards Team will answer any questions you have about the TAPA Security Standards. You can contact the team directly using the Standards Question Submission Form below.

TAPA Certification - Remote Virtual Audits service now available in EMEA

TAPA EMEA is pleased to announce that as of May 1st 2021, all TAPA certifications can now be completed remotely using standard meeting communications equipment and the current TAPA audit templates.

Following a successful period, where TAPA introduced Remote Virtual Audit (RVA) for recertification, we are now able to expand the capability to new certifications and all other types of audits that require to be submitted to an audit body or TAPA. Please refer to the TAPA EMEA Standards section of the TAPA website or contact your audit body if would like to know more or use this new option. The option to continue with physical visits to audit locations will continue.

The pandemic and restrictions on travel has resulted in a backlog of certifications that need to be completed. TAPA had planned for an RVA option to be available as part of its digital roadmap for next year. We have now accelerated the introduction of RVA. We believe the option for RVA audits adds another dimension to promote the use of TAPA Standards.

TAPA Standards – Questions Admission Form

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Regular insight on supply chain resilience news and trends
Training to support the adoption of TAPA's security standards
A delegate place at our main Annual Conference
A delegate place at TAPA regional Conferences in cargo crime 'hotspots'
Access to conference presentations
A copy of our monthly e-magazine, Vigilant
Help for you and your partners with adopting TAPA's industry-leading Security Standards for Facilities, Trucking and Secure Parking
Access to our growing database of Secure Truck Parking locations and mapping tool to help you plan secure transport routes
Incident alerts as well as monthly, quarterly and annual cargo crime intelligence statistics and reports to help you understand and manage risk in your supply chain
24/7/365 access to TAPA's Incident Information Service (IIS) database to understand the types of supply chain crimes, incident locations and the modus operandi used by criminals
Plus, the unique opportunity to network and engage with other supply chain security and resilience professionals

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