Over 90% of cargo losses reported to TAPA’s Incident Information Services (IIS) involve criminal attacks on vehicles.

TAPA’s Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) were developed, and are updated every three years, by supply chain security professionals to protect products transported over road as well as to improve the safety of drivers and vehicles.

The Standard is applicable for:

  • Hard-sided truck and trailer
  • Rigid van or fixed body truck
  • Sea container rad transportation
  • Soft-sided truck and trailer

The TSR Standard specifies the:

  • Minimum acceptable security standard
  • Methods to be used in maintaining those standards
  • Processes and specifications for service providers to attain TAPA certification for their trucking operations.

Similar to the FSR Standard, it is the intention of TAPA members to select service providers which meet or exceed TAPA’s certification requirements and this selection process is aided for members by access to a downloadable list of TSR certified operators.

Successful implementation of the TSR Standard is dependent upon service providers (including any subcontractors used), TAPA-approved auditors and buyer of trucking services working together to accurately interpret, adopt and audit against these requirements.

In the Downloads section, you will find more information and documents to assist you in your TAPA TSR planning and certification.

TAPA members can also download a list of TSR certified service providers and recognised TTSP (TAPA TSR Service Partner) companies in the members area of this website. (Login needed)

The Locking Systems Guidance (LSG) – also available to download – has been created to assist members in the identification and selection of suitable locking systems. The LSG is intended to compliment the TAPA Trucking Security Requirements Standard.

Audit Templates

With immediate effect, TAPA EMEA has updated the standardised audit templates to support companies working with the Association’s Trucking Security Requirements (TSR).

This replaces the older version of the audit template used by TAPA EMEA previously. As of now, for all new audits please only use the new updated template forms.

Please note that we created a “User Guide” to explain the handling of the new audit forms in detail. It is available as a PDF document. If you follow the link. Please first read these instructions before proceeding with the audit form. Also, the first tab of the Excel file will give you a detailed explanation of the usage.

This updated template is to simplify the overall handling, tracking, and archiving of TAPA Standards’ audit forms and offers the following benefits:

  • Intent of the requirement: Move the cursor to the requirement and it will display its intent (all fields with a red triangle).
  • Due to privacy policy issues, we have frozen the question column to restrict copy-pasting.
  • To minimize macros in the template we have deleted the reviewer part from it.
  • Updated version of SCAR’s and Waiver document attached with the BI Sheet.
  • The members’ suggestions and necessary modifications received and noticed are incorporated in these templates.

The new TSR audit templates will be available on our website. A link to download the template will be provided in each standard. LINK IS HERE

The content of these documents is copyright protected and cannot be reproduced without the permission of TAPA EMEA.

Our Standards Team will answer any questions you have about the TAPA Security Standards. You can contact the team directly using the Standards Question Submission Form below.

TAPA Standards – Questions Admission Form

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