PRESS RELEASE 11/10/2021

TAPA EMEA welcomes introduction of European Commission’s EU Safe & Secure Truck Parking Areas Standard

PRESS RELEASE 20/04/2021

Over €172 Million of products stolen from supply chains in EMEA in 2020.

PRESS RELEASE 13/04/2021

Russian cargo theft trends 2020. Report finds dominance of fraudulent activity as the cause of road freight losses as year-on-year incident volumes decline in 2020 by 35%. (Find reports in download section on the right)

PRESS RELEASE 09/02/2021

TAPA strengthens leadership team to drive supply chain resilience strategy and reduce cargo crime in EMEA.

PRESS RELEASE 02/02/2021

TAPA achieves record membership growth as the world focuses on supply chain resilience.

PRESS RELEASE 12/11/2020

Pharmaceutical supply chains ready to manage the 'biggest security challenge for a generation' as the world awaits new Covid vaccine

PRESS RELEASE 01/10/2020

Covid 'lockdowns' fail to stop €85 million of cargo thefts from supply chains in EMEA in 2020 H1.

PRESS RELEASE 03/08/2020

TAPA's Secure Truck Parking Database breaks through the 7,000 barrier as more sites join up in EMEA.

PRESS RELEASE 16/07/2020

TAPA appoints Advisory Board to help shape it's future in EMEA as the worlds leading Supply Chain Resilience Association.

PRESS RELEASE 08/07/2020

TAPA and BSI collaboration to support growth of Security Standards and drive digital innovation in the supply chain.

PRESS RELEASE 18/06/2020

TAPA partners with Bosch Secure Truck Parking, boosting secure parking places by over 42% in 12 months.

PRESS RELEASE 01/06/2020

TAPA warns of spike in cargo thefts as criminals get back to 'business as usual'.

PRESS RELEASE 30/03/2020

Recorded cargo crimes in EMEA double in a year to 8,548 incidents, with losses exceeding €137 million.


TAPA seeks talks with European Commission to add value to new EU Safe & Secure Truck Parking Standard.


TAPA Membership soars as major brands look to prevent record cargo losses from supply chains.

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