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Types of Membership & Fees

Full membership:

  • Fee is € 2,000 per company per year
  • Up to 3 representatives or nominated deputies to be allowed to attend meetings
  • Correspondence to named representatives only

Membership will be provided - as approved by the BoD - to:

  • Manufacturers and other shippers
  • Representatives of industry supporting the security of the whole supply chain including production, transportation and logistics
  • Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Representatives
  • Legal firms that have specialists in transport/marine law
  • Other Security Groups with similar aims

TAPA Associate Partner (TAP):

  • No membership will be issued - but a "TAPA ASSOCIATE PARTNER (TAP)" will be confirmed
  • Only relevant Associations will be accepted
  • Partnership will be always a Board of Directors decision
  • 2 Representatives of the Association will be allowed per conference
  • No voting rights
  • Access to IIS data restricted to those who supply incident data
  • No membership fee but voluntary contribution
  • Annual review from the Board of Directors (similar to SSP)

Honorary membership:

  • Appointed by TAPA Board of Directors. No fee.

SSP Membership:

TAPA EMEA will accept a certain number of companies that are Security Service Providers (SSP) specialized in supply chain security and who make this specialty their major business objective. Any Security Service Provider wishing to join TAPA EMEA must be proposed to the TAPA EMEA Board of Directors by an existing member (sponsor). TAPA EMEA will try to achieve as wide a range as possible of knowledge and experience from the potential SSP member companies which means TAPA EMEA  may restrict membership to 3 companies with similar activities. No SSP members are permitted to sell their products or services in TAPA EMEA meetings (unless directly approached by other TAPA members).

  • Fee is € 4,000 per company per year
  • Up to 2 representatives or nominated deputies to be allowed to attend meetings
  • Correspondence to named representatives only
  • No Voting rights
  • Annual review from the Board of Directors


  • Potential new full members may attend one meeting FOC before deciding whether to join. Membership fees must be paid before they attend a second meeting.

Additional information:

  • All membership applications remain subject to approval of TAPA Board of Directors.
  • Fees to be paid within 2 months of invoice or membership lapses.
  • Fee is for 1 calendar year. In year joiners pay from the quarter they join in.
  • Membership available to other companies shipping high value freight or partners in the supply chain - subject to the overall requirement to retain original TAPA EMEA concept of serving the interests of the supply chain industry. TAPA Board of Directors to review.

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