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The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) was founded as a not-for-profit industry Association in 1997 to help Manufacturers/Shippers and their Logistics Service Providers minimise losses from their supply chains resulting from cargo thefts.

Today, the Association provides a host of industry standards, training, incident intelligence, route planning and networking tools and opportunities which are used by its member companies as part of their own in-house supply chain security programmes to manage risk and optimise loss prevention.

TAPA operates across three regions:

  • The Americas
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East & Africa

Global focus on the importance of supply chain resilience to national economies, businesses and consumers has helped to accelerate TAPA’s membership to its highest-ever level. This also reflects the significant rise in cargo crime – often facilitated by Organised Crime Groups – and the simple fact that, today, virtually all types of products are targeted by cargo thieves.

In the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region, a European Parliament study has previously identified that cargo crime in Europe alone costs businesses more than €8.2 billion per annum. In other research involving TAPA and 12 other leading industry associations, businesses in Germany alone were estimated to suffer cargo losses and damages exceeding €2.2 billion a year from an estimated 26,000 attacks of trucks every year.

Data reported to the Association in 2020 showed cargo thefts took place in 56 countries in the EMEA region alone and an average loss for major cargo crimes of €529,348.

In EMEA, TAPA’s 600+ company members including leading brands from a multitude of manufacturing sectors as well as their logistics partners. The Association’s membership also includes insurers, law enforcement agencies, security service providers, parking place operators, associate partners and consultants.

Delivering benefits to drive supply chain resilience

TAPA members have access to a range of services and solutions which are ‘designed by the industry, for the industry’.

Industry Standards

In the EMEA region, TAPA offers three industry standards and certification programmes, which are reviewed and updated by its supply chain security members every three years to ensure they are as viable and efficient as possible, and fit-for-purpose to provide protection against current and emerging risks. The Standards are:

  • Facility Security Requirements (FSR)
  • Trucking Security requirements (TSR)
  • Parking Security Requirements (PSR)

These are minimum security standards and are respected as the most effective industry standards for supply chain security. Further information can be found on the Industry Standards pages of this website.

Incident Service

TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) collates and shares intelligence of cargo losses to help members understand:

  • When and where cargo thefts occur
  • The modus operandi used by cargo thieves
  • The types of products targeted

This insight helps members to manage known risks and avoid cargo crime ‘hotspots’, supporting their loss prevention programmes. TAPA’s Incident Service also includes its ‘Secure Parking Online Tool’ which helps to plan secure transport routes by showing both recorded cargo crimes on specific routings as well as the locations of secure truck parking sites. IIS provides incident alerts, monthly, quarterly and annual reports and analysis, and is also a searchable database for members to use.


TAPA delivers training courses to support companies implementing its FSR, TSR and PSR Security Standards. See our latest Training Courses & Fees.

Networking & Communications

TAPA brings members together for its annual conference in EMEA as well as at regional conferences in countries with high rates of cargo crime. These unique networking opportunities are also enhanced by other communications channels, including twice-monthly Subject Matter Expert webinars and the Association’s Vigilant e-Magazine, which is distributed every month to all members globally.


TAPA is actively engaged with various government ministries, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies – as well as other stakeholder associations – to raise awareness of the impact of cargo crime and to seek support of its loss prevention initiatives. TAPA presents the collective voice of its members to highlight the true cost of loss from cargo crimes and the resulting impact for businesses, consumers, and national economies.

Join us

If you manufacture, ship or provide transportation and logistics services for any types of products, TAPA membership, and the benefits the Association offers, will help to protect the resilience of your supply chains, enhance your reputation and customer relationships, and improve the security and safety of your staff, facilities and vehicle assets. For information on how to apply to join TAPA, visit our Membership page.

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Regular insight on supply chain resilience news and trends
Training to support the adoption of TAPA's security standards
A delegate place at our main Annual Conference
A delegate place at TAPA regional Conferences in cargo crime 'hotspots'
Access to conference presentations
A copy of our monthly e-magazine, Vigilant
Help for you and your partners with adopting TAPA's industry-leading Security Standards for Facilities, Trucking and Secure Parking
Access to our growing database of Secure Truck Parking locations and mapping tool to help you plan secure transport routes
Incident alerts as well as monthly, quarterly and annual cargo crime intelligence statistics and reports to help you understand and manage risk in your supply chain
24/7/365 access to TAPA's Incident Information Service (IIS) database to understand the types of supply chain crimes, incident locations and the modus operandi used by criminals
Plus, the unique opportunity to network and engage with other supply chain security and resilience professionals

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